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An elderly couple who were recently reported as missing has been found dead at the bottom of a well in Mexico.

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An elderly couple has been found dead at the bottom of a well.

In the most tragic turn of events, the couple has eventually been found after being reported as missing over a month ago.

Ian Hirschsohn, seventy-eight, and Kathy Harvey, seventy-three, are from San Diego in California...

And they had recently been staying at their second home that is located near El Socorrito in the western Mexican state of Baja California.
Robert Harvey, Kathy's son, spoke of how his mom and Ian loved Mexico and how the couple were part of a vibrant ex-pat community there.

Speaking to CBS, he said:

"She was really enjoying retirement,’’ he told CBS. “She loved walking and traveling. She had a huge bucket list of where she wanted to go.’’

Ian and Kathy were last contacted on the 28th of August.

Robert said on that day, Kathy texted him to say the pair were planning to visit a gold mine or the beach... and that's the last thing he ever heard from his mom.
Ian and Kathy were scheduled to return to their San Diego home 3 days later, but of course, their family was soon made aware of their disappearance when there was no contact.

Ian's daughter, Ava Setzer, posted a desperate message on Facebook last week after they were reported as missing on September 2nd.

She wrote: "Missing since Saturday in the San Quintin/Rancho Los Pinos/ El Socorrito area of Baja: Ian Hirschohn - elderly white male - Kathy Harvey - elderly white female - Last seen traveling together in a navy blue Toyota Land Cruiser with California plates 4CVJ315."

The family were desperately keeping their hopes up...

But the worst possible thing has now been confirmed.
Earlier this week, 2 bodies were discovered inside of a well in northern Mexico, according to officials.

The Baja California state prosecutor's office announced on Monday that the remains of Ian and Kathy were recovered from the bottom of the well.

Their family has been informed and since their story was released to the press, messages of condolence have been flooding in for the unfortunate couple.

Baja California head prosecutor Hiram Sanchez believes the couple were killed during a robbery...

And the people responsible used the sixty-foot deep well to dispose of their bodies. Sanchez said a witness led local authorities to the well and the suspect, who was not identified and was taken into custody.

Rest in Peace, Ian and Kathy.

Our deepest thoughts and condolences go out to their family during this difficult time.