Missing Girl Found After Using TikTok Hand Signal

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A missing girl has miraculously been found after using a hand signal she discovered on TikTok.

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A missing girl has been found.

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And amazingly, it’s all down to a hand signal she discovered on TikTok.

The hand signal was created to ‘silently ask for help’.

The missing 16-year-old used the hand signal to a passing driver to silently alert him that she was in danger.

She was in a passing car at the time.

The girl was inside a silver Toyota when a motorist in another vehicle saw her using the gesture that was created to help address a worldwide rise in domestic violence, Laurel County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky said.

The other driver then called 911 after recognizing the signal.

The driver also recalled that the girl was quite clearly in distress. Police later arrested James Herbert Brick, 61, of Cherokee, North Carolina, while he was driving near a Kentucky interstate on Thursday afternoon.

But what was the hand signal?

The gesture which went viral on TikTok and across social media last year involves putting your palm up before tucking your thumb in and closing your fingers.