Missing Men Recused From Tiny Desert Island After Writing SOS in Sand

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A group of sailors who found themselves washed up on a desert island managed to flag down help in the most genius of ways…

Most of us will have seen Cast Away – you know, where Tom Hanks gets washed up on a faraway island, thousands of miles away from civilization?

But most of us were comforted by the fact that we will – probably – never have to live on a remote and isolated island and hunt for our dinner every night.

People don’t really get washed up on remote tropical islands in real life, do they?

Well, it turns out that it does actually happen…

And, this week, a small group of sailors were rescued after they used a Cast Away-esque method of gaining the attention of rescuers.

A journey of just forty-two kilometers.

The sailors became lost and, as they attempted to regain their bearings, their boat ran out of fuel.

And, subsequently, they found themselves arriving at Pikelot island, ninety kilometers west from where they were supposed to be.

This is where they ended up.

In which time concerned acquaintances back on dry land reported them as missing.

Who quickly launched a search party for the missing sailors.

Who, after teaming up with a US Aircraft based in Guam, was able to send aircraft to circle the area in which they were last known to have sailed.

And it was all thanks to a crafty sign they had constructed in the sand.

Using what looks like branches, twigs, and seaweed, the sailors had constructed a giant “SOS” sign for any passing aircraft to spot.

Somehow, the pilots on board the passing aircraft spotted their sign which, from above, comes across as rather minuscule.

Food and water were delivered to the parched sailors, and they were given a quick health check. It is believed that they were in good health.

“Our embarked MRH90 helicopter from No. 808 Squadron and the four-armed reconnaissance helicopters from 1st Aviation Regiment were instrumental in the morning search that helped locate the men and deliver supplies and confirm their welfare.”

And bring them back home to safety.

He said: “I am proud of the response and professionalism of all on board as we fulfill our obligation to contribute to the safety of life at sea wherever we are in the world.”

And they will certainly one hell of a tale to tell their grandchildren.

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