It's the big ol' 2021 and people still haven't learned to mind their own business.

A mom of mixed-race twins recently revealed how she has to constantly explain to random strangers how they are related because some people just aren't aware of how science works.

Jade Ball, from the United Kingdom, opened up about how it feels to have to get into the details of her family in order to explain why her twin boys, Klay and Cole, who are fifteen months old, look very different from each other. One twin has gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin while the other has beautiful brown hair, matching eyes, and tanned skin.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ball explained that she is of white, British heritage, while her partner is half-Jamaican but people still can't get their head's around their children.

According to, having non-identical mixed-race twins is extremely rare, but the chances are higher if both or one parent is biracial. This is because it creates a "genetic soup" of dark-skinned and light-skinned genes. According to the executive vice president of the American Society of Human Genetics, Janet Boughman, the reason why Black and white twins are rare "is because people tend to partner with those who share a gene pool."

"There are many reasons for this, of course, but one is that we often marry people from our own geographical region, and any geographical region will have some commonality of the gene pool," she said.

However, as the number of interracial relationships increases and more people continue to travel out of their native region, Boughman stresses that this combination will no longer be unique.

"Twins who look so different are very striking to the general public, but to a geneticist, it's not really that weird," she says, which explains why Jade Ball, the mom of mixed-race twins is constantly having to explain herself to the people around her.

She talked about her experiences saying this: "'When we meet new people they never believe me when I tell them that Klay and Cole are twins. They think I am joking with them.

"But then when they realize I am being serious and telling the truth, people are completely fascinated by the boys and ask me so many questions about them."

The thirty-two-year-old continued: "'People always stop us when we are out and about too and want to chat to me about the twins. The twin's dad, Kade, is half Jamaican and I am white British. When we found out we were having twins, we didn't really think too much about what they would look like. I guess we just assumed that they would both [be] a tanned mixture of me and their dad and look like their older brother, Cruz, now two years old.

"I never expected them to be born the total opposite of each other."

Ball also stated that the pair have a "beautiful bond."

She added: "I think it's really cool that they look the opposite to each other. It's fascinating and just shows how crazy genes are. They don't really look related at all. They're so different but equally beautiful."

And we wholeheartedly agree. They are so adorable and as they get older, hopefully, they will continue to blossom.