MLS Players Blast ‘Sad’ $65 Disney Sandwiches

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Ah, Disneyland. It’s a place full of adrenaline-inducing rides, fun-filled characters, and fairy-tales galore. All-in-all, it’s one of the most popular destinations for kids who want to meet their favorite big-screen characters (and it’s a pretty good day out for some adults too.)

But people have now started calling out Disney for some of their products and expensive prices during MLS, after photographs of food have started circulating the internet.

Keep scrolling to see the atrocious pictures.

It’s developed a life-long legacy of being a perfect family vacation, especially for the kids… a trip to the resort for them is pretty much a dream come true.

And it’s not hard to see why…

The first amusement park was based in California, which still stands as the original park.

With Disneyland parks located across the world in California, Paris, Toyko, and Hong Kong.

Both Disneyland and Disneyworld resorts are home to acres of land developed into individual theme parks including Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Magic Kingdom, to name a few.

Whether it’s a new ride, new movie, or a full-blown streaming platform, there’s not much Disney hasn’t had a hand in.

From white-knuckle to family-friendly, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re embarking on a character dining experience, going full-blown adrenaline junkie on the rides, or taking it easy in the spa, it feels like there’s always a jam-packed itinerary in store.

There’s a reason why everyone flocks to Instagram to share every waking moment of their trip…

There are few problems though…

The resorts aren’t ideal for those wanting a chilled getaway.

Recently, the MLS (Major League Soccer) tournament was announced and it was supposed to be taking place in Disney World in Orlando. But the players are posting pictures of the $65 food they were given and it’s horrendous, to say the least.

Once you see the pictures you will understand why this user commented on this.

People just couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

I’m sure you can get a better-looking meal deal from the supermarket.

Don’t let Ja Rule see this.

Or Disney by the looks of it…

That’s one expensive sandwich…

I mean, it’s a horrendous sight for all of us, but more so for the players consuming the meal.

Now, do you see what we mean by the sandwich is licking the banana?

Oh big yikes. Keep scrolling for some more Disney-related news. This story involves a mysterious island that Disney closed…