In Moby's new memoir, Then It Fell Apart, he makes a few bold assertions. The one getting the most chatter concerns Natalie Portman. He claims they dated; she emphatically denies the claim. Regardless, she was eighteen and he was thirty-three -- it's creepy.

His book came out a few weeks ago, and then a Natalie interview came out on May 22. In it, she calls his book "disturbing" and Moby "creepy." This new feud about a relationship that happened many years ago has resurfaced old ephemera from a bygone era of pop culture.

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Moby, a Grammy-award nominated musician/relic from the early '00s, just released a new memoir.

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This is his second memoir. In this book, Then It Fell Apart, he details his history with drugs, alcohol, and sex with candor. The rise and fall of his fame took a significant toll.

He might be the most memorable for his song with Gwen Stefani.

The song is from his album Play, his most successful album of his career. And, the video was widely praised, even nominated for Best Long-form Video at the Grammy's.

Eminem famously mocked Moby in his song Without Me.

At the Grammy's in 2001, Moby denounced Eminem, a controversial star at the time, as "a misogynist, a homophobe, a racist, and an anti-Semite." Then, Eminem released "Without Me" containing lyrics calling Moby a "bald-headed f**k." At the next year's VMAs, Eminem threatened to beat up Moby.

His memoir includes several embarrassing incidents.

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The book is a true tell-all, warts and all. He catalogs with excruciating (and often name-dropping) detail how he hit rock bottom over and over until he finally got sober.

One of the stories he tells involves now-President Trump.

He and his friends had a "game" (aka performance of sexual assault) called "knob touch" where they would take their flaccid penises out of their pants and touch people with it. Moby did this to Donald Trump. He even told the story on Bill Maher.

He describes a date with Lana Del Rey.

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They went out when she was still Lizzy Grant, before the Lana Del Rey makeover. She basically told him that he sucks. He said he wasn't sure what to make of it. She hasn't commented on the story since the release of the book.

She literally told him that in a different time, he would get the guillotine.

It takes a unique level of delusion to hear that and assume the best. How much more clearly could she have laid out that she thinks he's a joke?

Most of his stories make the other person look fantastic, and himself look impossibly lame. Not clear if that's intentional.

In this instance, Lana looks like a snarky boss. She wasn't famous yet; she was still a struggling musician on the lower east side. But, she had the nerve to say, "you're part of the problem." She deserves every ounce of her success.

But, the claim getting the most attention is that he dated Natalie Portman.

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He says she was 20 and he was 33. They met after one of his shows and he says they had a brief affair while she was a student at Harvard.

Upon hearing this claim, Natalie Portman called him creepy.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Natalie says that she remembers things differently. First of all, she was 18, not 20. They never dated, and she remembers the whole thing as an encounter with a "creepy" older man who wanted more from her than she was willing to give. She thinks his account of events is "disturbing."

But, Moby doubled down on his claim.

In an Instagram post, he says he's confused by Natalie's interview because they DID date. He posts a photo of them as proof. Ok. A lot of people have taken photos together. This photo proves nothing.

When no one believed him, he TRIPLED down.

The next day, he posted another Instagram post, this time a slideshow of pictures, insisting that they dated.

Moby is not winning the social media wars.

Moby is using his Instagram to defend himself and he's mostly making it worse. The comments on his Instagram and the whole of Twitter seem to be in agreement: believe Natalie.

The more content he feeds the internet, the more it thrives on the story.

Instead of helping his case, the photos have become fodder for memes and tweets. Natalie looks exceptionally young and Moby looks exceptionally creepy in all of his photos.

His defense feels ignorant.

Had he just swallowed his pride, acknowledged that *maybe* Natalie had a different interpretation about what happened, and apologized, perhaps this whole thing would have died before it started. But. No.

Tavi Gevinson summed it up perfectly.

The "but I'm a nice guy!" narrative can be just as sexist and chauvinistic as outright misogyny. Natalie was 18, Moby was 33 and hugely successful. The power differential is real, even if Natalie had a wonderful career and beauty.

Moby is not handling this well.

With each new post, he just feeds the trolls. He handled this about as poorly as a person could. And, the photos themselves are super creepy.

Seriously, what is Moby thinking?

He could have made the whole thing go away by simply acknowledging that they interpreted things differently and he's sorry that he creeped her out. But, instead, this.

This new feud is bringing up old pop culture.

Who would have thought that Eminem and Moby's feud would resurface in 2019, long past either man's prime?

Maybe he's running.

Creepy Uncle Joe has his fair share of weird encounters with women, and the President admitted to sexual assault; maybe Moby should run! At least he cares about climate change!

It boggles the mind to understand Moby's thinking here.

Each and every one of these photos is unflattering. And, Natalie looks so young in all of them. The only thing these photos are evidence of is Natalie's account of events. She was young, he was gross.

It's truly surprising how stable Natalie Portman seems to be.

She's been famous for so long and she's had to deal with fervent fan bases for much of that time. And yet, she seems level headed and content. Again, not a good look for 50-something Moby to push this feud.

Even the Onion has chimed in.

If Natalie thought Moby was creepy before, nothing he's done in the past few days has changed that. He's even more disturbing now. There's no way she wanted these photos to be on the internet. And, there's no way he asked for her consent before posting them.

Funny enough, Veep had this exact storyline this season.

After Jonah Ryan says he dated someone, they take to national TV to say, #NotMe. Being on the onion is bad but no one wants to live a Jonah Ryan Veep storyline.

This is not the first time Natalie Portman has been implicated in a one-sided relationship.

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Jonathan Safran Foer allegedly left his wife for Natalie Portman, even though she never said she wanted to be with him.

They stayed friends after Jonathan's divorce.

She decided not to adapt his book after all, but they sent emails for over ten years back and forth. In 2016, they wrote emails to each other specifically for publication in the New York Times. They're more than a little cringey.

The Moby incident begs comparisons to the Foer rumors.

Zach Braff made Natalie Portman a Manic Pixie Dream Girl in Garden State. She seems to be the girl of many men's dreams, if not their reality.

It seems that if Natalie Portman is nice to you once, you never forget it.

Moby and Jonathan Safran Foer are both grown men and were grown men when they met her. And yet, they both acted like impulsive teenagers. It's bizarre and unsettling.

After this episode with Moby, however, they will surely not maintain a friendship.

He said something happened with a woman, she said no it didn't, he said YES IT DID OH MY GOD IT DID and posted photos of the woman from twenty years ago. She maybe felt neutral about him in the interim, but this is all so beyond appropriate.

First Eminem made him a joke, and how he's made himself one.

It takes a toxic combination of self-obsession and entitlement to carry on like this about a "relationship" that happened this long ago. Let it go and get thee to a therapist.