A model who was recently banned from Twitter has claimed she was kicked off the platform because of people being jealous of her for "being too hot"...

And she's opened up about how she feels "discriminated against" for being pretty.


Could this really be a reason for someone being kicked off social media?

Well, according to the model it certainly is!

And after she recently gave an interview to local media about how her beautiful appearance resulted in her losing her Twitter account, people have given some stern words to the young woman.

Now, the model in question is Whitney Paige Venable, a twenty-six-year-old from Florida.

Whitney has a huge social media presence and on Instagram alone, she boasts an impressive 1.6 million followers.

But in November last year, the model was in for quite the shock...

As she was suddenly kicked off Twitter after being an active user for more than 8 years.

Speaking to Jam Press, she explained:

"The ban came as a complete shock to me as I'd never used Twitter other than to write a few comments about TV shows I was watching or share photos from my Instagram account."

Of course, the majority of Whitney's Instagram photos leave very little to the imagination.

"One day, I changed my cover photo to an innocent shot of me showing off my figure, but I was wearing underwear... And suddenly, my account was banned."

But the model pointed out that Twitter often allows more risque content on its platform...

So why would she be banned because of an underwear photo?

"It made me feel discriminated against because there are far worse pictures on Twitter," she said.

"Some of them look like actual p*** showing off really graphic angles."

This is what brought Whitney to the conclusion that she was banned because she's "too hot."

"I'm sure that if I wasn't so good-looking the photo would have stayed up."

She then said:

"I firmly believe Twitter deleted my account because I'm too hot and jealous people who aren't as attractive complained."

"It's not fair."


According to Twitter's guidelines, risque content is allowed and falls under the platform's "freedom of speech" section... meaning it is highly unlikely that Whitney was banned because of her graphic photos.

So, there you have it!

Do you think Whitney was really banned because she is "too hot"?