A model spent $7,000 to reduce her forehead by 3cm and the results are remarkable.

Read on to see how drastically the surgery has changed her appearance and why she felt the need to go to these lengths...

Because for many of us, our appearances are everything.

Especially for models!

Our faces are the things that make us unique...


And every single flaw and imperfection are also the things that make us beautiful.

But we all have our own insecurities...


And even those who are considered as the most attractive may find things about their own appearance that they hate and feel insecure about.

Including models.

Yep, even models have their own insecurities and this is why many resort to having aesthetic procedures and plastic surgery to correct these "flaws."

Of course, unrealistic standards on social media really don't help when it comes to people feeling insecure about themselves...

But at the end of the day, it's all about a person feeling happy and comfortable in their own skin and if surgery is the key to that, then so be it!

And this is what brings us to today's eye-opening story.

Camilla Coleman Brooks, who is from North Carolina, works as a model, and believe it or not, she hasn't been happy with how she looks for years now.

She's undeniably beautiful...

But the twenty-six-year-old has battled with one major insecurity for most of her life... and that's her forehead.

The mom-of-2 has never been comfortable with having her forehead out on display, hence the fringe constantly covering it.

"When I was younger I would always style my hair and notice how big it looked," she said to LadBible, "for the last few years, I've hidden it under a fringe or a hat."

Well, Camilla recently decided to do something about her huge insecurity...

And last month, she paid $6,900 to undergo forehead reduction surgery.

Camilla took to TikTok last week to show off before and after snaps of her hairline and forehead...

And people have been left in disbelief over how amazing her new forehead looks.

The model first shared this snap on Instagram, 5 days post-op...

And as you can see, the incision line just underneath her hairline is still very much present... but the happiness on her face is undeniable.​

Following the operation at the Zeeba Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, Camilla had to wear a bandage around her head.

"I couldn't move my eyebrows properly for the first few days but it's back to normal now," she said, "The top part of my forehead is still numb and it may take a while for the feeling to return there."

"My forehead used to be 8.5cm and now it is 5.5cm," she added.

She then took to TikTok to discuss her surgery in further depth.


Showing 2 before and after photos side by side, the difference made to Camilla's forehead is very much apparent.

"My incision line is shaved, so what looks like my full forehead is not actually my full forehead."

She went on:


"My full forehead is from here to here," she said, pointing from the bridge of her nose to the incision scare underneath her new hair line.

"The rest of that is going to grow back."

And as you can see, Camilla's incision scar is healing beautifully.

"It's an amazing difference. I look in the mirror and I love it," she said, "It's my body. I think people are so shocked by it because it is something they haven't heard of. It was something I wanted to do for myself and I couldn't be happier with the results."

You can watch Camilla's full video here:


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