Model ‘Terrified’ After Creepy Catfish Edits Her Photos for Dating App

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Online dating is nothing short of a minefield. It’s pretty terrifying that you can basically end up sat opposite someone that you don’t know anything about, trapped in any manner of awkward situations. From catfishes to ghosts, to orbiters, looking for love via the internet is certainly not for the faint of heart.

And the most recent viral story has re-ignited the dangers of dating online after a “creepy catfish” used an Instagrammer’s photos on Hinge. And when I tell you that the photoshop was impeccable, it was impeccable.

Have a look for yourselves.

The problem with trying to find love? It’s basically a living nightmare at every turn.

It seems like the universe isn’t willing to put the right person in front of you until you’ve met a lot of the wrong ones first.

Well, first of all, you’ve got to find someone to date. In the past, many couples met in bars, at farmer’s markets, or through friends of friends. But that’s simply not the case anymore.

You’re going to have to endure the endless, disappointing journey through the various dating apps.

Basically, they act as a neverending reminder that people are, generally, trash.  

Either people don’t look anything like their pictures, they’re still obsessed with their ex, or they tell you that they like you and then disappear forever into the ether. It’s a jungle out there.

Sometimes, they’re actually pretty scary because you never really know who you’re talking to…

If you’re on any dating app, I’d just have a little re-think about your matches.

An Instagram influencer with over 443,000 followers.

So, you would think that people that are planning on catfishing would stray away from photographs that they would be caught out with.

She decided she would take one of Amber’s photographs and photoshop it so her own head would replace the model’s.

Alex Haddon, a Hinge user posted the 2 photos side by side on his Instagram story claiming he should be the “new host of Catfish” after spotting the photoshopping skills.

“Sorry this is so random, but so creepy. I spoke to a girl on Hinge for a while and I’ve always been very good at spotting catfish.”

“But f****** hell someone has seriously photoshopped your photos and it creeped me the f*** out. “I followed you already and somehow noticed that your picture matches her.”

The story first went viral on Twitter after Alex shared it on the platform, hoping it would bring attention to just how much “catfishing” has evolved.

I would have never noticed the difference.

This is the original photograph posted by Amber.


Don’t believe anything you see on the internet. If you’re in the mood for some more dating-app horror stories, keep scrolling…