Model Reveals Results of Training His Jaw for 2 Months | 22 Words

Instagram influencers have evolved over the past decade into something so wild we couldn't have seen it coming. These pseudo-celebrity personalities are popping up all across social media offering their tips on haircare, daily diets, and letting us see a small glimpse of what it's like to live a day in their shoes. And it's no surprise that online influencers want attention. After all, attention, negative or otherwise, often equals followers.

But the latest influencer to go viral might just be the weirdest yet. Keep scrolling for this shocking transformation...

We are living in generation Instagram.

People seem to be more hooked on their phones than ever - taking pictures of anything and everything and eagerly posting them to the app.

And with the rise of Instagram comes the rise of the influencer.

An increasing number of people are earning a living through posting on the app - many of whom are earning the big bucks.

They share everything with their followers.

From what they eat to where they buy their clothes, their followers know the ins and outs of their daily life - or at least the filtered, online version anyway.

Influencers also take us on vacation with them.

They regularly document their travels on their pages - which is basically Instagram-central when it comes to getting snaps for their content-hungry followers.

It looks like all fun and games, but is it really?

From luxury villas and dreamy outdoor showers to relaxing pools and mouthwatering food, influencers vacationing on these islands love to share it all with us. And, of course, the snaps always look stunning - there's no doubt that they make us want to hop on the next plane to paradise.

But influencers have somehow managed to offend areas like these on more than one occasion...

For example, remember when the Stockholm-based influencer, Natalie Schlater, was forced to delete her Instagram after posting a controversial photo wherein she compared her life to that of a rice farmer in Bali?

Yeah, it was pretty bad...

via: The Mirror via Instagram

The post in question featured Schlater staring into the distance, while, in the background, a Balinese rice farmer could be seen. But it was the caption that sparked outrage, where she wrote: “Thinking about how different my life is from the man picking in the rice field every morning." Wow. What would possess you to even write that, let alone post it online for everyone to see?

So it's safe to say influencers are never too far from controversy.

But the latest to go viral might just be the strangest yet.

Meet model Lucas Marchesi.

​He's been training his jaw, and people are absolutely flabbergasted at the results.

Check out the before and after ...

We're not sure about this one ...