Model Who Played ‘Stacy’s Mom’ Is Now 50 and Has a Totally New Career

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Everyone remembers the iconic (and slightly problematic) video for Fountains of Wayne’s 2003 smash hit “Stacy’s Mom.” But the real-life mom of Stacy’s new career strays quite far from her cheesy roots…

Just think about those space buns, chokers, and temporary tatts … sigh.

Many of which are still classics to this day.

For which we can all be eternally grateful.

It has to be the iconic music of the era.

There was one bop that truly ruled the roost.

The rock band formed in New York City in 1995, but truly came into prominence in the early ’00s.

But any true ’00s music connoisseur will tell you, there’s one Fountains of Wayne hit that stands out above the rest.

The iconic tune is basically a love song told by a prepubescent kid. Weird, we know.

But, unfortunately for her, his attentions actually lie elsewhere.

You guessed it, Stacy’s mom.

But hey, the ’00s were a simpler time!

The music video is basically a work of art.

Nothing wrong with being a one-hit-wonder if the hit in question bangs this much, right?

Whatever happened to Stacy’s mom?

We’ve tracked down Stacy’s mom, AKA Rachel Hunter, on Instagram!

But Rachel Hunter now has quite a different job from a… full-time MILF?

Saatva Yoga, to be totally precise.

Although probably much more spiritually fulfilling.

We’d love to be yoga instructed by Stacy’s mom!

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