A model who famously took melanin injections to change her race has spoken out about supporting the BLM movement...

A person simply cannot change their race.

It is a genetic trait that can't just be swapped for another of a person's choosing.

Race is also linked to a shared culture and history...

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It is passed down through generations, through shared experiences, and through genetic heritage... so we really don't have a say in what race and ethnicity we are born as.

Well, it seems that some people feel that it is acceptable to just change their race...

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And they don't see the problem with it at all.

One of these people is Martina Big...

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She is a thirty-two-year-old German model who identifies as a black woman.

Yep, you heard that correct.

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Martina was born as a white woman who had blonde hair and pale skin, but when she reached adulthood, she decided this wasn't the life she wanted due to living as the "wrong race."

She started taking melanin injections a few years ago...

But what exactly is melanin?

Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin, hair, and eye their color...

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And having darker skin means that more melanin is present in the body.

So when Martina started injecting herself with melanin...

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Her skin started to get noticeably darker.

The model clearly had a specific look in mind...

Because over the years, she has undergone numerous plastic surgeries, including breast enhancements which have left her with 30S breasts and lip fillers.

She now identifies as an African woman.

She believes she has always, deep down, been African and she even embarked on a trip to Kenya to be baptized with "her people." You really can't make these things up.

Many believe that the model is delusional...

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Last year, she told the Sun Online: "I not only look like an African woman, but I also feel that I’m now an African woman. I spent time in Kenya last year and I felt so at home. Now I have a lot of invitations from all over Africa."

Martina even spoke about having children with her husband, who also takes melanin injections, and how they will be born black...

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"Doctors said they will be black. We have also discussed breastfeeding and if it is safe for me to have a baby," she said in an interview on This Morning, a British breakfast show.

She later clarified...

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"Doctors say that I am physically now a black woman and my future children will be black. And I believe the doctors!"

Of course, there are many people who are fully against what Martina is doing...

And the model has been accused numerous times of cultural appropriation and blackface.

Many people stand behind the fact that you simply cannot change your race like you can with gender...

And the ways in which she has modified her body in order to become "a black woman" are seen as racist and disrespectful.

But regardless of what people think of her...

Martina continues to proudly talk about her experiences as a new-found black woman... and she has recently spoken of the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

Since George Floyd was killed by a police officer last month...

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Hundreds of thousands have been demanding justice and equality for the black community as there's no denying the universal problem our society has with racism.

"Unfortunately, many black people are treated like second class people."

"I think it’s right that people protest loudly against these grievances because this is the only way to point out the broad dimensions of these abuses and to indirectly exert pressure on politicians and other people in influential positions," the model said about the movement.

"Since I became a Black woman, I have worked intensively to learn more about the culture and history of Black people."

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She spoke of how she is against any form of violent protesting and condemned businesses being set on fire and cars being demolished. She also said that while she is in favor of dismantling racist statues, it should be done without force.

As a "former white woman", Martina said she cannot sympathize with white people who disagree with the BLM protests.

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"To condemn the Black people for just demonstrating against being treated as second class people. It cannot go on that white people lead a better life by exploiting and oppressing Black people."

But of course...

People weren't impressed with Martina's take on the movement because she "isn't actually a black woman."

People just don't seem to want to hear what she has to say...

And it isn't really hard to see why.

It's clear that Martina is set on her ways...

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And it's also very clear that she doesn't care what other people think, regardless of her actions being branded as racist and disrespectful. Each to their own, right?