Mom Admits To Getting All Children's Christmas Presents From Charity Shops So They Can Understand 'Money Doesn't Grow on Trees' | 22 Words

One mom has this week admitted to buying her children's Christmas presents from a store you might not expect... Keep scrolling for the full story.

Now, we all know that it’s only a matter of weeks before we’ll have a lot of excited kiddos on our hands...

Waking up extremely early on Christmas day to see what Santa has brought.

For many, Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays of the year.

It is time to be spent with family, friends, and loved ones, eat good food, and exchange gifts - even if it might look a little different this year.

Of course, the decorations play a huge part in the festivities.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of spending hours decorating the Christmas tree and hanging up all kinds of festive ornaments in our homes.

From dazzling tree toppers to lights and tinsel galore...

There's nothing like spreading some Christmas magic across your home.

The tree isn't the only main event though.

What about the food?

Christmas is all about a big feast of delicious foods...

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And, usually, there's so much leftover, you end up still eating it days later.

And of course, you can't forget the presents.


Most children's favorite part of the day!

Christmas presents can cause many parents to feel guilty though.


Worrying about if they've brought enough or will they like them.

And that not the only issue, Christmas presents are also very expensive.


And can take saving all year round in order to afford.

But not for one mom...


As she has recently admitted to buying all of her children's Christmas presents from charity shops.

Amelia Kennard, twenty-six, is a mum of 2, and only buys her children's presents second-hand...

Opting for Facebook Marketplace and charity shops over your usual toy stores.

Growing up, Amelia from Northampton, U.K, would receive hundreds of presents from her parents.

Speaking to The Sun, she explained that her mom would wake her and her siblings because she was so excited for them to see their presents: “Then when we’d wake, at the end of our beds there would be a huge sack full of gifts. You could fit in the sack once it was emptied... But before then it would be so jam-packed with goodies."

Amelia and her sister would receive bags and bags of matching presents.


"We’d have opened fifty gifts before 7 am. Looking back, it was mad."

From Christmas dresses to games, the sisters would have it all, and that's before they even got downstairs...


Where even more presents would be wrapped waiting to be opened.

“They would fill the living room and spill out into other rooms. We would still be carrying on until December 27th. All in I think my parents spent close to £1,600 ($2128) on each of us every year."


So much money. Yikes.

However, while this might sound like a dream to some, Amelia admitted it wasn't always so idyllic...

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“Opening more than 300 presents, which must have cost thousands of pounds, is time-consuming. And they were new every year. A new bike, a new computer game. It was a lot. I’m not sure it made me happier."

This is why Amelia chooses to do the exact opposite now that she is a mom.

Instead of spending thousands as her parents did, she spends just dollars.

Instead of heading to the toy stores for Christmas, she heads to the charity shop.

With her 2 boys, AJ and Forrest, receiving a modest 2 or 3 presents under the tree this year.

Amelia explained why she opts to do it this way:


“It might sound tight but I want my children to know the value of money. If they want something I want them to learn how to save up for it. We aren’t poor but that doesn’t matter. They need to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. There’s also the sustainability and environmental impact of just buying and buying."

“I refuse to splash out on disposable tat because I don’t think it’s worth it. I’m proof that spending more money doesn’t always make kids happier," she continued.


“In total, I think I have spent about £35 ($46) all in," she said. “My kids won’t care because I know they’ll love their toys. There will only be a few under the tree but it doesn’t matter to me."

Sometimes we forget that Christmas isn't just about presents, so, this is a good reminder.


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