A mom and her daughter were recently asked to leave a grocery store because of their "inappropriate" crop tops...

​And their shocking encounter has triggered a debate online regarding the way women are treated over their clothing choices.


Because we're all aware that so many women all around the world are judged purely on what they wear.

It's a terribly tragic reality...


Because a woman is worth so much more than the clothes she decides to wear!

And when it comes to more revealing clothes, such as shorts, skirts, and swimwear...

People just seem to get so offended by women who have the confidence to wear these kinds of garments in public.

Well, this is what brings us back to today's shocking story.

Forty-six-year-old Chantell Humphreys and her eighteen-year-old daughter, Isabelle, recently experienced a very uncomfortable encounter at their local grocery store in Kent, U.K... and it was all because of what they were both wearing.

Of course, Chantell and Isabelle's story has well and truly divided opinions...

With many slamming the grocery store for judging the women on something as trivial as their outfit choices.

But on the other hand, many feel that the women's outfit choices were indeed a little bit inappropriate.


The mom and daughter were both wearing cropped tops when they arrived at their local grocery store, Asda...

But upon entering the store, they were both "totally insulted" after they were allegedly asked to leave the store because of what they were wearing, Chantell told The Sun.

Explaining their choice of outfits, she explained:

"It was a boiling hot day. We were not going to go in wearing scarves and coats! She [a staff member] said what we were wearing was not allowed. She said it was because of our tops. I said this is ridiculous."

A male manager then came to assist his female colleague, who agreed that the outfit was "not appropriate" and that they should leave.

Chantell said that the manager compared their outfits to those similar to a man entering their store without a top on, which completely stunned her.

"Everybody was looking at us. It was very sexist and insulting."

Although the manager eventually told the pair they could continue shopping, they left and vowed that they would never shop in that store again despite visiting it for years.

What do you think about the store's treatment of Chantell and her daughter?


Do you think there should be a specific dress code in grocery stores? Or do you think wearing items such as cropped tops is completely harmless?