Mom Has Been Arrested After Successfully Impersonating Daughter at Middle School

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A mom has been arrested after she successfully impersonated her thirteen-year-old daughter and spent the day “undercover” at her middle school.

And she filmed the whole day in a shocking viral footage…

While the mom claimed her stunt was done to prove a point about school security…

Parents from all around the world have been left horrified over how she was able to get away with being in the school for so long.

Because when we send our children to school…

We expect them to be kept safe at all times, right?

Well, it turns out that security in many schools isn’t as tight as we’d hoped…

And pretty much anyone can walk through those school doors whenever they please.

Which is exactly what Casey Garcia decided to do recently.

The mom, who is from Texas, underwent her own experiment to test the security process at her thirteen-year-old daughter’s school, Garcia Enriques Middle School, which is located near El Paso.

Casey decided to fully dress up as her daughter…

By trying a new make-up routine and raiding her daughter’s wardrobe.
It helped that the mom is quite small in height and she chose overly baggy clothing such as a hoodie and jeans.

Casey recorded her full day on her smartphone and uploaded the shocking footage on YouTube

Which has left parents utterly stunned over what they saw.

Casey wore a black face mask throughout the entire day and kept her hood up which helped mask her true appearance…

And she filmed herself as she roamed the halls, interacted with teachers, listened to lectures, and even ate her lunch in the cafeteria.

Nobody seemed to realize she was an adult…

This is, of course, extremely concerning as if a dangerous individual was to enter the school premises disguised as a young teenager, they’d probably get away completely undetected.

Casey was eventually reported to the principal after someone realized she wasn’t, in fact, a child.

But although the mom was happy to go and chat to the principal about her eventful day, the school administration took a completely different approach by getting the police involved.

Casey was arrested for tampering with records and trespassing on Friday, 3 days following the incident according to TMZ.

Of course, parents were left extremely worried that Garcia could break in that easily and the director reportedly wrote to them explaining that they were reviewing and improving their security measures.

You can watch Casey’s full video here:

This is a developing story and updates will be updated accordingly.