A step-mom has recently come under fire for doing the most heartless thing to her step-son after the family went for a professional photo shoot...


Being a step-parent isn't easy...

Taking on someone else's child as your own is hard work.

Will they like you?

How do you show authority without the whole "you're not my real mom" scenario breaking out?

And then there's the added pressure of blended families...

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Will both of your kids get on?

For the most part, people try their best to compromise and accommodate to fit the "new normal."

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But for others, it's just not that easy.

Step-moms have a bad rep...

Depicted in film and tv as the evil woman stereotype, taking the dad away from his kids.

And while that isn't necessarily true, at least in real life...

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Step-moms usually have to try extra hard when it comes to making a good impression on their step-kids.

Although one woman has categorically failed as a step-mom after asking a photographer to do the most heartbreaking thing with their family photo...

And everyone is disgusted with her. Keep scrolling for the comments and to see what she did for yourself...

The step-mom has left other parents "heartbroken" after asking for her step-son to be edited out of their family photo.

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Screenshots of the conversation between her and a photographer were shared on Twitter, which shows a picture of the family of 5 taken on a photoshoot.

The mom explains that she wants her step-son cut out of the photo because she wants a picture with "just with my boys."

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She even shared the picture on a Photoshop Facebook group, asking if anyone can "remove the center kid" from the picture. Disgusting.

Although she got what she wanted, with the newly edited photo replacing her Facebook profile picture.

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The Twitter user that shared it wrote, "The lump in my throat after seeing this will never go away," and has since gone viral.

No one really knows the reason why the mom wanted to remove her step-son...

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Some pointed out it could have been his birth mother that wanted him removed, but either way, people were left "in tears" over the situation.

How heartless can you be?

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Let's hope the boy's dad had something to say about the situation. Keep scrolling to see what Ashley Graham thinks of mom shamers...