Mom Asks Parents To Stop Telling Children Their Pricey Gifts Came From Santa | 22 Words

One mom has spoken out this week against parents who say pricey gifts come from Santa ...

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Now, we all know that it’s only a matter of days before we’ll have a lot of excited kiddos on our hands...

Waking up extremely early on Christmas day to see what Santa has brought.

For many, Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays of the year.

It is time to be spent with family, friends, and loved ones, eat good food, and exchange gifts - even if it might look a little different this year.

Of course, the decorations play a huge part in the festivities.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of spending hours decorating the Christmas tree and hanging up all kinds of festive ornaments in our homes.

From dazzling tree toppers to lights and tinsel galore...

There's nothing like spreading some Christmas magic across your home.

The tree isn't the only main event though.

What about the food?

Christmas is all about a big feast of delicious foods...

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And, usually, there's so much leftover, you end up still eating it days later.

And of course, you can't forget the presents.

Most childrens' favorite part of the day!

Christmas presents can cause many parents to feel guilty, though.

Worrying about if they've bought enough or will they like them.

And that not the only issue - Christmas presents are also very expensive.

And can take saving all year round in order to afford.

There's another issue too.

Wealth inequality around the world means kids never quite get the same amount of treats as each other.

Which can cause big issues.

If kids believe they aren't receiving pricey gifts because they haven't been good enough over the year, well, that sucks.

The idea that Santa treats some kids better than others just doesn't seem fair.

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So one mom has reached out to parents everywhere.

With one specific idea in mind.

Asking parents to stop saying their kids pricey gifts came from Santa ...

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"Cause some families can't afford that," social worker Megan Dunn explained.

"Little kids wonder why they got socks or a coat or hand me down toys from Santa and other kids got an iPad."

"Breaks my heart for the parents and the kids."

"Take credit for the gift."

"Santa didn't buy that iPad; Momma or Daddy did. Leave the less expensive gifts from Santa."

"Be blessed you can afford what others cannot. Merry Christmas."

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