Mom Reveals She 'Can't Stand' Her 9-Year-Old Daughter | 22 Words

A mom has shocked the internet this week after she revealed her true feelings about her 9-year-old daughter.

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Now, motherhood can be extremely rewarding.

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The love between a parent and child is usually pretty strong.

But that's not to say it's easy...

Being a mom is basically the hardest job on earth - and the pressure to be a perfect parent can make life even more stressful.

And even if you try to stay relaxed...

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There are some aspects of motherhood are just eternally frustrating. Hey, no one said being a mom was always going to be great fun, right?

There are many things that take the fun out of parenthood...

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And one thing pretty much every mom out there can relate to is the feeling that you're constantly fighting a losing battle against your kids' annoying habits.

But one mom recently revealed what her frustration with parenting is:

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She can't stand her daughter.

Yep, this parent revealed that not only can she not stand her daughter, but she also tries to avoid her.


And it caused mixed opinions online...

Writing for Kidspot, the mom, who has remained anonymous for obvious reasons, revealed that while she doesn't have a favorite child, she does have a least favourite.


The mom of 3 explained that she adores 2 of her children despite their sometimes challenging behaviour.

But that's not how she feels about her 9-year-old daughter, Lilly - not her real name, obviously.


"Yes, I have a child that I like the least but it's actually worse than that...Because the truth is, I don't actually like her ninety-five percent of the time. Yes, I dislike my eldest child and I can't stand to be around her," she wrote.

"I have 3 children, 2 of whom I adore. I feel for them how I assume the majority of parents feel about all of their children."


"My son and my younger daughter are not perfect, they challenge me at times, throw tantrums, have their faults - but I still adore them. I like spending time with them, I like who they are, I like them."

"This is not how I feel about my eldest daughter nine-year-old *Lilly, and I haven't for a while now."

She explained that when Lilly was a baby, she felt the same way about her as she does for her other to children.


It was just as she got older and her personality began to emerge that her feelings changed.

"Now, don't be confused with my dislike for Lilly with not loving her because that is not the case; I do love her," she wrote.


"She is my child and she could do anything, and I would still love her, I just don't like her and there is a difference."

It's Lilly's personality and behaviour that she doesn't like, describing her as "sullen, selfish, and bratty."


"She is sullen, selfish, bratty, and creates drama constantly. She does it at school, at home, in her netball club, and refuses to admit her faults, or work on them, or listen to why she has annoyed someone or upset them."

Despite Lilly's attitude, she has many friends and gets along well with her siblings.


But her mom clashes with her constantly, finding herself frustrated and "avoiding her at all costs".

She explains that because of this, her husband now takes the lead with parenting Lilly.


"It has come to the point where I now ask my husband to lead the parenting charge with Lilly. I ask him to take her to her sports training, to any events or parties she is going to, to help her with her homework, to discipline her and to supervise her on the weekends. Ultimately, I just can't stand to be around her and for the sake of both her and I, it is best if I am not as much as possible."

The mom has not shared her feelings of dislike with many people, though her husband is aware and tries to remind her that it's the behavior she doesn't like, not Lilly.

"While I tried to view it this way, for me her behaviours are an intrinsic part of her and who she is. Plus, I now feel this way ninety-five percent of the time even when she isn't at the peak of her brattiness," she said.

So, what happens now for the mom and daughter?


Well, she explained that she has tried to work on the problems but unfortunately it's never worked, so instead, she is simply holding out for Lilly to change.

"I hope that in time Lilly will change. I hope these trying parts of her personality will calm down and that she will evolve as she matures because I don't want to feel this way forever, I want to enjoy my time with her, I want to like her just like I like her siblings."