Shipwrecked Mom Found Dead Saved Her Two Children’s Lives by Breastfeeding Them

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A shipwrecked mom managed to save her 2 children by breastfeeding them for 4 days before dying of dehydration herself…

WARNING: This article contains information that some readers may find distressing.

Mariely Chacon was able to save her children after a shipwreck left them stranded around seventy miles out at sea.

The mom drank her own urine so that she had the energy to breastfeed her 6-year-old and 2-year-old children.

Mariely Chacon and 8 others boarded the boat, Thor de Higuerote, for a trip on September 3rd when the tragic incident happened.

Their boat had been traveling from Higuerote in Venezuela to the Caribbean island of La Tortuga.

After setting sail, the boat is thought to have been hit by a large wave, the Independent reports.

As a result, the vessel split into 2 part, leaving those onboard floating in the ocean.

In a desperate attempt to keep herself and her young children alive, Chacon breastfed her children and drank her own urine, but she sadly died before they were found.

After 4 days, rescuers found the children holding onto their mom’s body on the remains of the vessel.
The children were taken to hospital where they are being treated for first-degree burns, dehydration, and post-traumatic stress.

Chacon is believed to have died from dehydration and heat stroke.

As per La Republica, Chacon suffered organ failure due to electrolyte depletion triggered by dehydration as she resorted to breastfeeding.

As per the Daily Mail, Venezuela’s National Maritime Authority INEA said that “port authorities were informed on September 5th that the boat had failed to reach its destination causing a “search operation” to be launched.

“On September 6 at 6.20 pm we were alerted to a small white vessel which was drifting off the island of La Orchila that led to the reorientation of the search operation,” they said.
“On September 7 at 2.10 pm four people were rescued, two of them children, by coastguard vessel AB Carecare.”

The children’s nanny who was on board the boat also survived by hiding in a fridge to escape from the intense heat, the Daily Mail reports.

Authorities are yet to find the 5 others onboard which includes the children’s father, Remis David Camblor.
Rest in peace to the heroic mother.