Mom Says She Still Breastfeeds Her Sons Aged 5 and 6 and Won’t Stop Until They Tell Her

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When it comes to breastfeeding, people have a lot of opinions particularly when it comes to deciding when you should stop.

But one mom isn’t being put off others’ opinions as she’s revealed that she still breastfeeds her sons aged 5 and 6…

Sheryl Wynne, a mom of 2 from the United Kingdom, has revealed that she still breastfeeds her children despite them being older than the typical breastfeeding age…

And, she won’t stop until they tell her that they want to.

As per the Mirror, Wynne currently breastfeeds her children, Riley, 6, and Mylo, 5, before school, in the evening and through the night.

A routine that she argues is normal.

For Wynne, breastfeeding is the “ultimate parenting tool” as it helps to calm down her children when they’re upset or sick.

It is also an experience that brings them closer together.

“It’s formed part of our relationship and that’s my main drive for continuing breastfeeding,” she said.

Although Wynne is happy breastfeeding, many of those around her have questioned if she should stop, something her children have picked up on.

“Riley and Mylo pick up on people’s opinions. My eldest wouldn’t ask for it when we’re out because he knows other people will see but he will behind closed doors but my youngest is confident,” she explained. “Before Mylo went into preschool he was asking for mommy milk in the playground in the morning.”

But despite the criticism, Wynne isn’t sure when she will stop breastfeeding as it is a decision that isn’t just hers.

“It’s never felt right to end it unnecessarily. It’s what they’re asking for and it’s biologically normal even if it’s not in society,” she said. “We started the conversation when Riley was 3 when they would stop having mummy milk and Riley said when he’s 10 and I told him there’s no chance. The choice isn’t just mine, it’s a relationship because it’s something we do together.”

What do you think about her decision to continue breastfeeding?