Mom Helps Her Brother and His Fiancé Become Parents | 22 Words

A mom has attracted a lot of attention after giving the ultimate gift to her brother and his fiancé.

This story is truly incredible...

We live in a world where some wonderful things can happen.

Most of it thanks to mother nature.

The giver of life.

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That blesses us with the births of thousands of babies every year.

An incredible moment for the families involved.

After waiting 9 months they finally get their own bundle of joy.

And fortunately in today's day in age, pretty much anybody can have a baby.

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Thanks to the technological advances in IVF, couples who can't conceive naturally, and who would once have had to admit defeat, can now have families of their own.

There is now an array of different conception methods for struggling couples...

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But by far the most talked-about is surrogacy.

Now, what exactly is surrogacy?

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Surrogacy is an agreement wherein a woman agrees to carry and birth a baby for another person or couple.

A couples' fertilized embryos are implanted into the surrogate...

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And, from there, the baby will grow and be born from this other woman, rather than its biological mother.

Obviously, agreeing to become a surrogate for someone is a huge commitment...

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A surrogate will have to put her body through the journey of pregnancy (and the trauma of labor, of course) for someone else's happiness and fulfillment... So, it isn't a decision to be taken lightly.

Most couples choose someone they know to be a surrogate...

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And one story has warmed the internet's heart this week.

Anthony Deegan, 38, and his fiancé Ray Williams, 30, welcomed their baby Theo last year thanks to Tracey Hulse, 42.

Posted by Anthony Deegan on Saturday, 17 October 2020

The pair used an anonymous egg donor and both donated sperm but elected not to find out who the biological father is.

"We couldn't repay Tracey, you can't put a price on what she has done for us. We are so proud of her for stepping into the situation and helping us achieve our dream family."

Posted by Anthony Deegan on Tuesday, 8 December 2020

"I felt honoured when they said yes as it meant my brother trusted me enough to carry his baby," Tracey agreed.

So sweet!