A mom has been slammed for being "irresponsible" after she filmed her toddler cooking dinner for the family on TikTok...

But she has responded to the haters in the best possible way.


Scroll on to hear what the confident mom had to say...

Now, we all know that parenting is hard...


But the thing that can make it even harder is the internet.

There are so many parent-shamers online...


Especially on social media.

And one mom recently learned this the hard way.


TikTok user @lauralove5514 is the proud mom of children, Carter and Jonah, and she regularly posts videos documenting the day-to-day life of being a hands-on mom.

She also documents how 3-year-old Carter helps her out in the kitchen most days...


With him sometimes cooking dinner for the whole family!

Carter already knows how to make so many different meals...


Including family favorites such as chilli and tacos.

Of course, Laura is always supervising...


Especially when he's using knives and the cooker.

Just look at Carter go!


We must say, it's seriously impressive to see a 3-year-old preparing and cooking so many different meals.

But sadly, not many see it this way...

And Laura has been slammed as an "irresponsible" parent online, with some even saying she treats her son as a slave.


However, a large percentage of Laura's followers disagree strongly...


And what did Laura have to say about the haters?


In a TikTok video, she said that her son was learning "valuable life skills," and that she would never let him do it if he wasn't ready.

Her son has been cooking with her in the kitchen for years...


Since he was fifteen-months-old, to be precise!

Well, we think Laura is doing an incredible job raising her sons!


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What do you think? Do you think it's irresponsible to have young children help out in the kitchen?

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