Mom Calls the Police on Her 13-Year-Old Son’s Friend as He ‘Wouldn’t Leave’ Her House

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A mom has taken to the famous Reddit AITA forum to share a particularly shocking story – and people just don’t know what to think!

She first explained that her son is on the autistic spectrum, and therefore finds it difficult to make friends. However, he does have a friend (whom she refers to as “Tom”) who the mom really dislikes. She claims he’s “never been disciplined a single day in his life, and is under the impression that there are and never will be any consequences for his actions.” His main crime is hogging the Nintendo Switch for hours and doesn’t even allow her son to have a go.

“Over the weekend, Tom came over for a sleepover. As usual, he raced right up to Brian’s room, turned on the game, and sat there for hours. He played until 3 am on Sunday morning, and then he woke up at 10 am, without joining us for breakfast and started playing more. At around 12, Brian had reached his limit and told Tom that it was time to go home. He was tuned out completely.”

The mom then told her son to be more assertive, until she had to step in. She first asked if she could give Tom a ride home, but he refused. She then told him it was time to go, and he replied that he wouldn’t. The mom then called Tom’s parents, but they didn’t answer the phone.

“At my limit, I went into the other room and called the police. Since we live in a small town, the police officer (a good friend of ours) came right over. He walked up to Tom and said that there had been complaints of trespassing, which Tom responded to by saying he was invited. The officer looked at me, and I assured him that we had asked him to go home. Then the officer asked if he wanted to be charged with misdemeanor trespassing. Tom finally got his act together and was taken home by the police, but on his way out I told him that he was never going to step foot in my house again. I told him not to talk to Brian at school and not to text Brian privately.”

However, as you may have expected, Tom’s mom was not pleased with the situation. “Tom’s mother called me and shrieked over the phone until hoarse about how horribly I had treated her son.” Since then, other parents have gotten involved, too, sending the mom angry texts.

Some on the forum spoke out in support of the mom. “NTA. You took all the proper steps. At that point it was down to calling the police or physically dragging the little brat out of your home. Both for the child’s safety and for you not getting sued, calling the police was the right thing to do,” seemed to be the overwhelming consensus.

What do you think of this mom’s predicament? Would you ever get the police involved in a situation like this?