A heartbreaking video has gone viral showing a mom sobbing as she explains she can't afford to pay for her son's vital $1,000 insulin prescription, despite her and her husband working full time.

This is truly devastating...

Because right now, times are harder than ever...


And more and more people have found themselves struggling financially as a result of the pandemic.

Millions of jobs have been lost in the last year...


And here in the United States, there are now approximately 10 million fewer jobs than there were before the pandemic.

But even for those who are still in employment...


The increased need of health care services has put a lot of people in a very difficult situation.

And this especially applies to families.

Thanks to the strain that the U.S healthcare system is under, the prices of certain medication has sky rocketed - leaving families who are in desperate need of medication in turmoil.

It's shocking that in today's day and age, many struggling families are still having to pay thousands of dollars for necessary healthcare...


And the recent story of one desperate mom has well and truly outlined this problem.

Katie Schieffer is a working mom of 2 from North Carolina...

Facebook / Katie Schieffer

And just before Christmas a few weeks ago, she found herself in a terrible position when trying to pick up her now ten-year-old son's insulin prescription.

She detailed the ordeal on TikTok...

Facebook / Katie Schieffer

And it not only broke so many hearts, but it also got people questioning the U.S healthcare system and how this kind of stuff can be allowed to happen.

Sitting in her car and wiping away tears, Katie started by explaining why she had to walk away empty-handed from the pharmacy.


"I've worked for, like, seventeen years. I work all the time. I've been paying medical bills on my son for 9 years since he was born," she said while crying.

"And he was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and has to have insulin every 2 hours."

"I just got his prescription. It was $1,000. I couldn't pay for it."


"I now have to go in and tell my 9-year-old son I couldn't pay for it,' she tearfully explained.

"I work a full-time job. My husband works a full-time job. I work third shift. I go to school during the day. How are you guys making it? Am I the only one struggling?"

It's utterly heartbreaking to watch...


And after she uploaded the emotional video, it gained more than half a million views on TikTok, 1.6 million on Twitter, and tens of thousands more on Reddit.

But thankfully for Katie, hundreds of people soon reached out and offered their help...


Please don’t take this one down we didn’t show any needles or “drug use”. #t1d #kids #thankyou

She has shared her Venmo and Paypal user names for those who want to send financial assistance and donations appear to have poured in, as she has posted follow-up videos thanking people for their support.

This truly goes to show how there is something seriously wrong with our healthcare system...

Facebook / Katie Schieffer

And hardworking families such as Katie's shouldn't be struggling to get healthcare for her children.

Something needs to change... Now.


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You can watch Katie's emotional video here - we truly hope that she and her family are doing okay!