Mom Accused of Cheating Throws Paternity Reveal Party To Prove to Ex That He’s the Father of Their Child

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Gender reveals have become an unsafe parenting tradition as of late, with some even being fined for their actions…

But one mom from Brazil has gained attention after putting a twist on the whole tradition by providing a paternity test to see who the father of the baby was!

When Milena Brandao’s ex said he wanted her to get a paternity test to prove who the father of the baby was, the mom-of-2 did just that, knowing exactly that the child was his.

“I told him that I was absolutely sure that the child was his,” Millena explained as per Kidspot. “His response to this was that he had doubts and that no one could make him register the boy without the DNA test result.”

Not exactly what you want to hear from the father of your child…

Milena had been with her now-ex since 2019, and although they both originally lived together in Osasco, Brazil, Melina eventually moved back home when she was 6 months pregnant.

This is when it all went downhill for her ex, but it looks like the mom got a lucky escape…

Her former partner accused her of cheating and announced that he would not raise the child until he was certain he belonged to him. The mom happily agreed, knowing that her child’s father was going to be eating his own words pretty soon, or should we say cake.

It wasn’t until her friend said they can make something big out of the distrust he had in the mom when things got fun! And what did the mom do? She threw a paternity reveal party when she got the results! Revenge is best served with glitter.

Holding the event on March 4th, she shared a video of the paternity reveal on Instagram, which now has over 34,000 likes.

She proudly showed off her youngest son Otto, who clung to his mom while she announced the results to the world.

The mom said in front of her family and friends: “Otto’s father asked for the DNA test and I decided to throw a party. If the result is positive, it’s silver. If it’s negative, it’s blue,” she explained.

“When the result was ready, the woman said we could each get it, so I went there and got mine. I don’t know if the dad got his. I believe he found out he was the father through the party.”

And while the strong mom enjoyed her revenge, women on the internet praised her for how she held herself.

“Very creative! May more women who go through this be inspired by you,” someone wrote.

“I loved your attitude, this is the kind of father that will not be missed in your child’s life, in fact, I don’t even think you should let him live with his father because a father who doesn’t know how to respect a woman… will pass on what lessons to the son,” another expressed.

This mom is a true inspiration and definitely gave her ex what he deserved. What do you think of this party?