Exhausted Mom Confronts Bus Driver Who Makes Her Kids Cry Every Day

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Mothers would literally do anything for their children as one proved recently ok TikTok when she went viral for her efforts to safeguard her own from a bus driver…

A woman named cassahfrass1 on TikTok recently shared a video confronting her children’s school bus driver…

But the hostile response was certainly not what she expected…
After the mom’s kids had been coming home every single day upset and in tears, because the bus driver had reportedly yelled at them, she decided she’d take a stand.

“I love you, have a good day,” the mom said to her kids as she ushered them onto the school bus…

But then she turned to the bus driver and apparently made a request.
“Please don’t yell at my kids today,” she demanded calmly.

But the bus driver got defensive shouting back: “I don’t yell at your kids.”

She then continued on to say: “You shut your mouth,” while pointing to the mom behind the camera, and handing face masks to the children boarding the bus.
I mean, in my experience, only those guilty of what they’ve been accused of would become so irate that they can’t control themselves…

And in a state of shock, the mom responds by explaining she’s only asking her not to yell at her children because that’s what she’d been told.

But this is when the driver really got angry.
“How dare you tell me not to yell at your kids,” she said in a fit of rage, shutting the bus doors, and still continued to shout, sticking her middle finger up, and driving off.
And in another video, the momma updates TikTok on the situation. In the video, claiming that at one point, the driver grabbed her son’s arm, forcing him to sit in a seat, while on another day she told her daughter that her mom was an “a**hole.”
So, the mom reported the incident to authorities and asked if they’re going to fire the driver. The response was: “Probably, I’m not entirely sure.”

If you want to see the confrontation, here it is:

What would you have done if you were in that situation?