We all know the importance of mother-daughter relationships - but one pair may have taken things too far. The internet has gone wild debating this controversial pair, and once you see the video, you'll understand why...

Many out there are lucky enough to boast a close relationship with their mom ...

And that's a good thing!

A mom can be more than just a parent.

They can end up becoming a genuinely close friend.

The relationship between a mom and daughter can be very special.

It's truly one of a kind.

There is a wide variety of activities mothers and daughters can enjoy together.

Like brunch, shopping, movie nights ... the list goes on.

And then there are the more unusual activities ...

Like one mom and daughter who have got the whole internet talking this week.

Meet Mary and Brittani Cooper.

This mother and daughter pair live in Jensen Beach, Florida.

Last year, they were the subject of an episode of TLC's sMothered.

Thanks to their extremely close relationship.

​And there was one aspect of it that was ​hugely ​controversial.

That's right ... the pair shower together.

People were understandably perturbed by this deeply taboo activity.


In the clip that got everybody talking, Mary and Brittani are seen standing naked in the shower together.

But Mary defends the slightly odd scene, explaining: "I have been taking showers and helping Brittani since she was five."

And it's clear it's a process that means a lot to Mary, who says: "The best way to start our day is in the shower."

She also confronts the naysayers, saying: "I love her, and I don't see anything wrong with it."

"I don't believe I set out to have a relationship this close to Brittani, it's something that was supposed to be."

Brittani explains that she finds the shower sharing helpful for her anxiety, saying: "When my mom does simple things like washing my hair or my body, it makes me feel comforted."

Mary agrees, saying: "That's kind of how I started getting in the shower with her, just to comfort her because she would freak out."

"That grew into an every-other-day thing. When she was smaller, it was every day."

Mary explains her boyfriend is not a fan of the arrangement.

But she doesn't care, saying: "It has caused some issues in my relationship, but he's got to accept it."

"That's how it is."

"He knows I love him, but I love my daughter more - she's my life."

Watch the shocking footage here.

What do you think of this relationship?

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