Mom Defends Throwing Toddler Son into Snow after Child Abuse Claims | 22 Words

Christmas is finally here - and now we enter the most ludicrous week of the year. Where nothing matters.

We live in pajamas, eat leftover Christmas dinner at 4 am, and open Prosecco at 11 am.

But while for me it’s my favorite week of the year, one mom has found herself facing a lot of criticism after a video of her throwing her son into deep snow caused a stir online.

Now the mom has responded. Keep scrolling to see what she said.

2020 has been a truly challenging year.

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So, for many of us, Christmas couldn't come quick enough!

It has been giving us all something to look forward to...

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Because come on, there's a lot to love about the festive period.

There are gifts, precious family time...

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And not to mention the movies and the presents.

And of course, who could forget?

That special visit from Santa Claus!

All kids are excited to see if Santa and his reindeer enjoyed the treats they left out the night before...

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And now you can show your kids proof of their visit.

There's real magic in seeing a half-empty glass of milk leftover from his visit...

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Although, Mcdonalds has pulled out all the stops for their app. How about watching his reindeer eat a plate of carrots live from your living room?

Although Santa is way too busy to get caught eating treats, his reindeer on the other hand like to stop for a bite to eat.

The McDonald's app will let you record Santa's reindeer in your home. Sure, Christmas Day was two days ago but I’m sure this app will still blow your kids minds!

The app has already been going for a few years and it's clear to see why it was an instant hit with kids...

People still can't get enough of the realistic app...

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It's simple to use but is often overloaded on Christmas Eve with parents trying to film for Christmas morning.

You can visit the website here on your phone or tablet, choose "Reindeer Ready Live" and click "Get started."

You can then use the app to film any part of your house, and the reindeer will be edited in...

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Where you can watch them take a bite out of a carrot and jingle their reigns.

The app automatically adds the plate of carrots, so no need to add your own.

You can download the video to your phone now - even though Christmas Day has come and gone, the kids are sure to love it! However this Christmas, one video has caused quite the stir online.

And one mom has seriously divided the Internet.

You’ve almost definitely seen it. The video of the mom throwing her incredibly excited youngster into the snow, which he immediately vanishes into.

While most understood it was just harmless fun - that the kid probably loved!

Others were sickened and called out the mother claiming the child looked unhappy and that it was dangerous.

Now the mom, who’s non other than former Olympic skiing champion, Julia Mancuso, has spoken out.

And she’s said that while she wouldn’t advise others to do it, there was zero danger...