Mom Deletes Influencer Daughter’s Instagram Account With 1.7 Million Followers

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A mom has deleted her ‘influencer’ daughter’s Instagram account with over 1.7 million followers to teach her a lesson.

Fernanda Rocha Kanner is mom to Valentina, a fourteen-year-old influencer from Brazil who had over 1 million followers on her social media pages.

According to Fernanda, she did this to teach her daughter a lesson about life values. She deleted her Instagram and TikTok accounts and believes that although the move was “radical,” it was “necessary, too.”

Fernanda thinks social media platforms like the ones her daughter was a part of are “unhealthy” and she didn’t want her to get swept up into the frenzy of believing social media was the real world. “I don’t think it’s healthy even for an adult and much less for a teenager to base her self-discovery on online feedback,” said Fernanda.

And people online have been sharing their thoughts on the mother’s actions…

One Facebook user wrote: “I’m not mad at this. a 14-year-old with that large of a following just increases the pool of creepy old men sexualizing her. social media is toxic for young folk whose brains aren’t fully developed to handle the implications yet.”

While another commented: “Well done mum, probably saw how horrible her daughter was becoming and needed to put a stop to it.”

However, not everyone agreed with her decision…

“Don’t think I agree with this. That daughter may grow up resenting her. You have to set boundaries with your child, communicate effectively. That’s her work gaining such followers and that could have generated a good income in the future. I get the mother’s concerns but also think she overdone it and wonder if there’s more to this, maybe overbearing controlling mum,” a third wrote.

Fernanda spoke to Fantastico about why she did what she did…

“It’s hard enough for you to find out who you are at 14 years old. When there are two million you’ve never seen in your life thinking they know you, it’s even more dangerous. It’s easier to lose yourself.”

Fernanda knew she needed to delete the accounts “when I logged in, I’d see 30 identical selfies and little dances that anyone can do,” she said.

The mom also didn’t want Valentina “to grow up believing she’s this character. I don’t want her advertising flammable polyester clothing made in China. I don’t want my brilliant daughter doing her daily dances like a trained baboon. It’s a sad generation for which this counts as fame.”

Valentina later spoke to Fantastico about the decision, saying: “I obviously wasn’t very happy. I got quite angry.”

However, now that she’s come to terms with being away from social media, Valentina says she’s content being off of it.

“I’ll choose. At the moment, I don’t want to. It’s going to be something that’s only going to get in my way and it will only make it worse,” she said.