Mom Demands Woman Wearing Bikini at the Beach Covers up Because Her Sons Were Staring

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An angry mom in New York demanded a young woman who was wearing a bikini to cover up because “her sons were staring.”

Keep scrolling to witness the video and how people have responded to the woman’s demands…

And wearing layers of clothing is never ideal when you’re sat soaking up the sun.

But as long as we aren’t completely naked, wearing what we want should be okay.

It turns out that wearing swimwear in public spaces is not okay… well, according to certain people, anyway!

And a young woman was interrupted during her relaxing day in the sun due to her choice of swimwear.

And the young woman, who is from Mexico, is currently living in New York City.

It was a very hot day and Aurea was wearing a bikini, which many other women were also wearing on that day.

The woman is heard abruptly asking, “You see those group of boys over there?”

And the woman then says, “Those are my boys. They’re staring at your a** which is hanging out in the middle of a public place.”

“Do you need a pair of shorts? Because I have an extra pair,” she then asked Aurea.

And she hit back with, “I mean get your a** covered, that’s what I mean. Thank you.”

And the mom said, “Yeah, there is. It’s called nudity. You can’t be nude on a beach like this. It’s a public place.”

And she also says she spoke to workers at the park who told her swimsuit was fine to wear.

And it shows a group of males can be seen hanging around in the background looking over while she films herself.

And it just goes to show how women aren’t allowed to embrace their natural bodies in public spaces.

And comments were left such as: “Why is it inappropriate around kids? It’s just a body. Everyone has one. It’s just making you all uncomfortable because you’re sexualizing it.”

“People will blame anyone but themselves. Teach your kids to not stare, and don’t get pressed because you’re jealous of someone else. She can wear whatever she wants and the fact that y’all are mad about it shows how insecure you are. Go be mad somewhere else.”

“You have a string thong on, I personally don’t care bc anyone should be able to wear whatever but in a public place with kids. Maybe not,” one user put forward.

“But wearing a g string in public is pretty inappropriate especially with children around? Being half nude around kids isn’t women empowerment, it’s just inappropriate and degrading for yourself,” one user savagely wrote.

Aurea wasn’t breaking any rules and she did not deserve to be put in that position by the angry mom for literally doing nothing wrong.  

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