Mom Dies From Coronavirus Days After Giving Birth Without Ever Meeting Her Baby Son

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Having a baby is a daunting experience for any new mom, but to give birth at a time like this brings with it a whole new range of challenges, and while some moms are lucky enough to bring their children into the world virus-free, that isn’t the case for a growing number of parents.

Many are giving birth alone, while far more are having to separate from their newborns straight after delivery, which is an extremely traumatic experience.

Sadly, despite the efforts to protect mom and child, this doesn’t always have a happy ending.


Including 50,939 known deaths.

And without a doubt, we have become the hardest hit.  

Trump has repeatedly expressed how eager he is to lift lockdowns within weeks, despite warnings from experts and doctors that if the nation returns to work, cases could spike once again.

According to the BBC, New York now has more cases than any single country outside the US.

And 21,283 deaths.  

The world is not prepared.

This is certainly a worrying time for all those in America and across the globe.

As they’re born amidst a pandemic.

Which is the last thing you want for a newborn.

And sadly this comes with risks for the mom and the baby.

This is Angela Primachenko, a twenty-seven-year-old respiratory therapist and mom from Vancouver, Washington.

Thankfully baby Ava tested negative for the virus, but even though Angela is now quickly on the mend, she is yet to hold her baby girl.

The babies were delivered 6 weeks early, right around the time the U.S. was seeing an increase in the virus.

What most don’t realize is the heartbreaking fact that those babies aren’t able to see their mom’s face. “My babies only see me from the eyes up and at that age babies really want to study people’s faces and expressions and it’s just sad my babies hardly get to look at my face,” Hrenko-Porras said.

In America, there are many pregnant women who have contracted the virus, leaving them in a constant state of worry about what this will mean for the health of both them and the baby.

Twenty-nine-year-old Fozia Hanif is the latest woman to deal with the virus while being pregnant. Although she had been taken to a recovery ward after the birth of her son, she was quickly moved to an intensive care unit after her condition worsened.

Fozia wasn’t allowed to see family during her time on the ward, and could only make a limited number of phone calls.

Fozia’s husband, Wajid Ali, said: “They said we’re going to keep her here to find out and we’re going to do a test and they kept her for two days. The test came back positive and the next day they said it was mild and you can go home. After four days she had difficulty breathing and we called the ambulance.”

She died in the hospital without being able to properly see her son. Mr. Ali said: “She was really happy, she got the baby photo they [the nurses] printed out for her,’ her husband of nearly seven years. She was holding the picture and saying ‘look it’s our baby’ and ‘we’re going to come home soon’… that’s the last time I spoke to her.”

“When we walked into the hospital when they said they were going to turn the machines off, I said no don’t turn it off until we arrive, she’s a fighter, she can pull through – but when we walked in there, we just kept praying.”

Her father Nabil is trying to stay positive for his family, saying: “But we’ve got each other, holding each other, supporting each other, siblings, grandkids.” He continued: “She was a little superstar with us in our family. She was an inspiration to us all.” Baby Ayaan Hanif Ali tested negative for coronavirus but remains in hospital. Tragically another family’s world has been brought to a standstill after they found a heartbreaking letter husband left before dying…