Mom Dresses Her Kids as ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Characters and Moira’s Pose Is Perfect

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Have you ever felt so connected to a television show that you feel as if you know the fictional characters? Even though they’re not real, you love them the way you love your best friends and family. They jump off the page, out of our TV screens and slam directly into our hearts. That’s the beauty of storytelling. Something like a TV show can feel so real and have a true impact on our lives. Schitt’s Creek has truly established itself as a TV classic. And one mom has gone the extra mile with her Schitt’s Creek love.

But first, let’s run down some BTS secrets that’ll prove why the show is so loved.

If you weren’t aware, Schitt’s Creek is the best show ever.

In the very first episode, we meet the once insanely rich Rose family who has recently lost all of their money. Truly tragic.

The small town of Schitt’s Creek, which the Roses purchased as a joke years prior to losing their fortune. They move to a motel in the tiny, middle-of-nowhere town.

As well as so many touching moments – that’s the great thing about this show. For the past five seasons, it’s made us laugh so hard, but it’s also made us weep gently.

There’s Johnny Rose, played by Eugene Levy. His humor and wit are truly incredible. And of course, Moira – the matriarch and soap opera actress with fabulous wigs.

But hello character arcs. Not to mention all of the locals of Schitt’s Creek that have wormed their way into our hearts.

And precious, sweet Ted, the town veterinarian and Alexis’ love interest. Also, Roland and Jocelyn (the mayor and his wife) are truly wild. We want to go to a party at their house.

The show premiered in 2015 on CBC Television, but all seasons are streaming on Netflix for your binging pleasure.

If you’re a fan of the show, then you’ll probably catch yourself talking in that mid-Atlantic drawl Moira has, or saying, “Ew, David!” every 5 seconds.

Well, it has to be all the behind the scenes secrets. And here are some of our personal faves…

They were apparently all Catherine O’Hara’s idea!

O’Hara explained, “I said ‘bébé’ as a joke or a mistake the first time. Once I hit on ‘bébé’ and got a laugh from the crew, that was it.”

Well, that was a similar story. Annie Murphy said, “I just ran with it. I drove it into the ground.”

But did you know it was a total surprise to everybody on set when O’Hara first came out with it?

Unimaginable, we know – but it was actually Eugene Levy who suggested her to Dan Levy.

Well, Annie invented it based on the way celebs like the Kardashian’s carried their tiny handbags.

Apparently, she was based on Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins, and, of course, Paris Hilton.

Noah Reid actually composed the whole song for that very scene – and made O’Hara cry in the process.

Well, her look was inspired by Daphne Guinness – though her personality is pretty unique.

Apparently, the white one from season 6 episode 1 was worn backward. Worn the right way, it basically totally obscured O’Hara’s face!

Her past reality show, A Little Bit Alexis. But did you know that this was actually a part of her initial character description?

It was written by Annie’s husband Menno Versteeg, who fronts the band Hollerado.

And he claims his favorite parts to work in were Alexis’s outrageous name drops.

And thanks to Schitt’s Creek, her dream came true!

via : CBC

And apparently, this was because O’Hara’s makeup artist gave her a copy of Foyle’s Philavery during this time.

via : CBC

When they’re selling makeup and David is absolutely covered in bronzer. She said, “he looked like a goldfish caught in headlights. I couldn’t stop [laughing]. I was so unprofessional.”

And Levy’s least favorite?

When he gets dripped on in the motel room. We can see why!

But she convinced Dan to take part, too – even sending him the harmonies!

And they were actually inspired by Dustin Milligan, who plays him!

This means for many of the kissing scenes, Dustin is standing on a box – particularly when Annie is wearing heels.

via : CBC

But the most popular? The fact we got to finally see the creek!

He says he already has very firm ideas about where each character would end up.

He says the groundwork had been laid starting way back in season 5.

The moment when Moira surprises Alexis at her graduation. Aww!

He loved the episode where Patrick came out to his parents.

He took the job very seriously, by all accounts.

In fact, she describes seeing the father-son pair work together as one of her fondest memories.

By giving the show the ultimate honor – a kiddie dress-up party!

“Ew, David, we like won all of them. ?? An unbelievable and well-deserved sweep of the Emmys last night for one of our favorite shows, “Schitt’s Creek”. Such talent! This also happens to be a sneak peek of our month-long costume craziness. When I thought maybe we shouldn’t do #manckemonthofcostumes this year, I just kept thinking, but we just have to do @schittscreek. As Moira would say and with the vigor of a wartime radio operator, the show must go on!”

It’ll be sorely missed by us! Searching for your next Netflix binge? Scroll on…