A mom has been branded as "selfish" after she revealed her plans to tell her 2-year-old daughter that Santa doesn't exist, and it has sparked an intense debate between other parents...

Christmas is just a few weeks away...

And it's safe to say that we're all feeling that last-minute strain to get our Christmas shopping done!

It's always an expensive time of the year...

But our loved ones are totally worth it, right?

Well, us parents are the ones certainly feeling the bank account strain at the moment.

While preparing for Santa Claus' big arrival, parents all around the world have been spending their pennies on exciting treats and gifts for their angelic children.

And even if our kids are leaning slightly toward the naughty list this year...

We still love to spoil them rotten during the festive season!

It truly is a magical time for our children...

It's all about keeping those traditions alive, right?

Well, according to one mom, it is the complete opposite.

While a lot of children are used to going to bed early in the hopes that Santa Claus will be paying their home a visit that night, others have been snapped out of that make-believe tale.

And of course, it has sparked a wild debate about whether this mom was doing the right thing...

Some people believed that she was ruining her kid's childhood, while others agreed that it could be considered "cruel" to lie.

People have begged this mother to change her views, but with no such luck.

Posting on Mumsnet, the anonymous woman discussed how she plans on telling her 2-year-old that the big friendly guy from the North Pole is nothing but a Christmas let-down.

She wrote this:

"[Dear daughter] has just turned 2, and so has no concept as yet of Father Christmas, aside from some decorations we have that feature him."

She continued:

"I’ve been thinking about being honest with her from the get-go, largely because the idea of her finding out we’ve lied to her for so long, years down the line, makes me a bit sad!"

"But will she be missing out on part of the magic of Christmas?"

This is the question that struck a bad chord with everyone because they believed that the magic of leaving out mince pies and milk - as well as writing a letter to Santa - are crucial elements of the tradition.

Yet the mom continued to explain herself:

"I also can’t figure out how to ensure she knows she’s very lucky to receive presents and recognizes her privilege if she believes in Father Christmas. Do we tell her we’re lucky enough to be able to pay him?!"

I mean, is it really moral to lie to your children for so long?

"We won’t be telling her she has to behave for presents, only her stocking will come from him, and we’ll be making sure her letter asks him for things for others too, if we do go ahead."

"If you have been honest with your [little one], what have you replaced those kinds of traditions with?"

After reading her explanation, I almost agree with her. Some traditions can be replaced if you believe it'd help in the long term, right?

But each to their own, I say.

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