Mom Gives Birth to ‘eBaby’ After Pressing ‘Buy It Now’

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It’s safe to say, you can get pretty much anything on the internet, including children…

When Stephenie Taylor was desperate for a second child to complete her family, she decided to go down a rather unconventional route…

By pressing ‘buy it now’ on sperm from the Just A Baby app.

Taylor, who already had a son named Frankie with an ex partner, was desperate to complete her family and give Frankie a sibling.

But, separated from her partner and with private fertility clinics so expensive, she had little choice… Until she discovered the Just A Baby app that connects people who want to have a baby.

Taylor used the app to look for a family-orientated man with no history of serious illness and ideally with similar features to her so their child would look like Frankie.

After just a day of searching, Taylor managed to find someone who ticked all of her boxes and they began talking.

Then in January 2020, after just 3 weeks of chatting, the man went to Taylor’s house to drop off his sperm.

Talking about their first meeting, Taylor said: “He was nice, warm and friendly and we had a cup of tea and chatted about the weather,” the Daily Star reports.

Taylor then used the sperm sample to inseminate herself and just 3 weeks later, she found out some very exciting news…

She had conceived on the first try!

Of course, Taylor was delighted with the news; as were her mom and sister…

However, her dad took a little bit of time to come around to the idea.

Taylor gave birth to her ‘eBaby,’ Eden, on October 15 2020.

Her baby girl was born weighing 6lb 13oz.

Following the birth, Taylor messaged her donor to inform him of the exciting news.

Taylor also said that should Eden want to meet the donor when she’s older, she would have no problem with that.

The donor said they would donate their sperm again for Taylor, the Daily Star reports.

“She is an amazing person and I’m happy to do it again if she’d like more children in the future,” he said.

Speaking of her unconventional choice, Taylor shared that she “proud of the way” that Eden came into the world.

“If I didn’t have access to all that electronically then she wouldn’t be here. But I’m over the moon to be a mom again and I’m proud of the way she came into the world.”