20 Times Moms Had to Laugh Just to Keep From Crying

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Motherhood presents us all with a constant flow of infinite and never-ending choices. Bottle feed or Breastfeed? When to wean and which formula? Sleep train or soothe? Work or stay home? Self-care or to-do list? Clean the kids or the house? We don’t always get it right. In fact, sometimes, we just flat out fail.

But ultimately, there’s really only one choice that defines us as parents. It’s a choice that we’re presented with every single day, all day. And sometimes, all night, too.

Cry or Laugh?

Somedays, a good cry is totally necessary. But other days, most days, we gotta just laugh at how perfectly we manage to fail at parenting. So when you’re faced with the choice to laugh or cry- laugh, and we’ll laugh with you (and at you, but in a totally loving way). And if you need to cry, by all means, let it out. But throw a little laughter in there at the end. You may appear visibly unstable, but what’s new. You’re a mom. You fail. And you happen to be totally awesome at it.

These 20 #momfails remind us to laugh not only at ourselves but also at each other, whenever possible.

Somedays, butt cream facials and Magic Eraser chemical peels are the closest thing to a spa-day that moms can get. And who knows, these two moms might be onto something. But one thing is for sure… Keeping it real with your mom friends keeps you sane, reminds you that you’re not alone in your mom-failings, and that it could ALWAYS be worse. 

We can’t all be Martha Stewarts… or even Chef Boyardees. Things be hectic come dinner time, and well, sometimes, we even fail at our mom-fails. Delivery, it’s what’s for dinner.

Eventually, we all learn the hard way that Valentine’s Day can be a set-up for massive disappointment. This mom is merely preparing her son for future letdowns by setting the bar incredibly low, early on.

This mom’s attempt at time-out shows us that discipline can be highly overrated, and sometimes even counterproductive. Who really learned their lesson here?

Moms learn two things pretty quickly. 1. Busy kids make for happy moms. 2. Improvising is required on a daily basis. So when this mom forgot the iPad, she utilized the resources within reach to keep her kid out of trouble. Here’s hoping she got all her bleeping bleep done, all while broadening her son’s vocabulary.  

“Teach a man to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” OR Give your kid wax-wrapped cheese for lunch, and they won’t eat at all.    

Finding creative ways to teach our kids valuable lessons can be daunting at times. But this mom managed to turn something she’s passionate about into a lesson in appliance safety.

If I had a cheese danish for every time I heard this… Let them learn early that a failing economy spares no one, not even the Tooth Fairy. I heard Santa’s having a pretty rough year, too. Come December, while you’re all at the mall, I’ll be a Costco, stocking up on baked compromises and cheese-filled consolation prizes.

After a series of mom-fails, this mom managed to keep her sense of humor and patience in tact. But her outfit, not so much.

That two minutes of silence you enjoyed will be deducted from your imaginary paycheck. And you’re staying late for toilet-duty. And you’re now out of snacks. Let this mom’s fail remind us of the inevitable consequences of blinking.

Any mom who’s breastfed knows that the body’s way of keeping milk flowing is by keeping mamas super hungry. In fact, the hunger moms experience while breastfeeding can far exceed any cravings they may have experienced during their pregnancy. So while this mom’s craving for wings is perfectly understandable, it may have been one of the less practical options on the menu.

Spilled red wine on your kids homework assignment? No biggie. +One spritz of Bath and Body Works and suddenly it’s cranberry juice. +Insert slightly suspicious note apologizing for the “juice” mishap. =Problem solved. But those two sips of cabernet, you’re never getting those back. Live and learn.

Time to redecorate? Try an abstract print from the post-sanity era. Stains are simply no match for the style.

This mom accidentally incorporated a biology lesson into her child’s arts and crafts class with homemade play dough that looks like placenta. Way to multi-task, mama.

This little girl is clearly horrified by her mom’s fail and I don’t think Jesus is too thrilled about it, either. But in this mom’s defense, she threw her daughter’s Sunday School assignment in the recycle bin, not the trash can. And while that does score her points for enviromentalism, I’d still throw in a few Hail Mary’s before bed.

This mom’s failure to stay on top of those adorable and impossibly choreographed monthly photoshoots of her baby didn’t stop her from getting those shots, even if it did require an entire roll of scotch tape. This mama clearly has multi-tasking down to an art.

On second thought, isn’t this more of a Fabreeze moment? *Removes own clothes from load to rewash.

Some days, they make it impossible for us to do just about anything right… Like opening the car door. Or avoiding the Emergency Room before 8:00am.

That one time you attempted to amaze all of your mom friends with your baking, and succeeded, by amazing them with your epic fail. *Sigh Try, try again. Or maybe don’t. Yeah, just don’t.

Here I am, at the happiest place on earth, enjoying a magical moment with my son and Goofy, who, by the way, totally gets it. So much for capturing our classic breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen, where I paid a ridiculous amount of money to have an audience impatiently judge my parenting and watch my son refuse to eat his $42 Mickey Mouse pancakes. But, as I said before, as moms, everyday we are given a simple choice. We may epically fail at parenting sometimes, but just as often, we totally succeed at laughing it off and entertaining others in the process.