Mom Fined $50 After Toddler Pees in Play Center

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A mom has revealed that she was fined $50 for a cleaning fee after her son urinated in a play center ball pit.

Yan, from Brisbane, was fined $50 by the Cream House Premium Cafe after her son wet himself while playing on the slide.

On June 23rd, while Yan and her toddler were attending the cafe, as they do every Wednesday, Yan’s son ran over after he accidentally wet himself despite taking him to the bathroom just 10 minutes earlier.

Yan helped to clean up the mess, but was still given a $50 cleaning fee after staff members found urine in the ball pit.

Originally, Yan was happy to pay the cleaning fee as, after hearing wrong due to the loud noise, she thought she was being charged $15.

It was only when she returned home and saw a charge for $51, that she realized that was not the case.

Yan immediately called the cafe and demand to see their policy, which she claims stated nothing about how much you had to pay for such accident.

Yan took to the internet to leave a review of the cafe and let others know about her experience.

In the review, she wrote: “So I am the one who had to pay a fine of $50 as my 2 year and half son accidentally wet the playhouse. He went to play on the slide and accidentally passed urinate.”

“I did not try to hide it or run away as soon my son told me he had accident,” she continued. “I cleaned all the places where he urinated (he told me where it was). He is doing toilet training and does not wear nappy. I did took him to toilet about 10 mins before his happen.”

“When I ask the owner for the policy regarding the fine. They sent me the playhouse rules. Nothing stated the fine and how much I needed to pay for such accident,’ Yan explained. “If there are terms or condition at the entrance or wall to state the entry condition, I am happy to pay for the fine.

“We have been attending the music class for 2 terms over 20 weeks, I have never ever seen a policy for a customer to pay a fine. I was never made aware of it.”

Cream House owner, Rachel, spoke with Daily Mail Australia, where she said that customers are normally charged a $50 cleaning fee when they are required to hire a professional cleaning service.

“The cost of commercial cleaning is $130. It’s not an easy job that we can do because we need to arrange for the public area to be sanitised. We are a cafe, I need to think about all the kids who visit here,” she said.

Rachel also revealed that it wasn’t the first time that Yan’s son has urinated at the play centre as he has “peed three times in other parts of our cafe before.”

“The first two times we just quietly cleaned it up because it was on the floor so it was easy but the third time, he peed everywhere in the ball pit,” Rachel explained.

“I didn’t pee in the ball pit but I have to pay for commercial cleaning. It’s a huge job that cost us $130.

“As a small business owner and a mum, every $1 we make is important to us. I know it’s hard being a mum but I need to take responsibility for the other families.”

Aside from charging Yan, Rachel said that she has only ever charged one other family a $50 cleaning fee after their child vomited in the playhouse.

“The parents were apologetic, they came over to tell us straight away. When we told them about the cleaning fee, they were happy to pay it – no drama.”

Do you think she should of had to pay the cleaning fee?