Mom Forced To Sit on the Floor and Feed Baby After Being Kicked Out of Starbucks | 22 Words

A young mom was recently forced to sit on the floor and feed her baby after she was kicked out of Starbucks for "breaking COVID restrictions."

Do you think this was a harsh move? Well, read on to find out exactly what happened...

Having a baby is one of life's biggest milestones...

And boy oh boy, it sure is one of the most rewarding!

Bringing a new life into the world is truly magical...

And even though it's scary, exhausting, and testing... It's totally worth it.

As all parents will know...

Babies need around-the-clock care and attention... Well, apart from when they're sleeping, of course!

But, regardless of how much they sleep, it can still be utterly exhausting...

And, therefore, can be extremely overwhelming for new or single parents.

Us parents will do everything in our power to ensure our children get everything they need...

And that includes keeping on top of our baby's feeding time.

Babies and small toddlers need to feed regularly throughout the day.

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Whether they are breastfed or take a bottle, they must be fed regularly enough in order to grow and stay healthy.

And when we say regularly...

We mean at any given time, whether you're at home or in the middle of doing the weekly grocery shop!

Of course, many public spaces and locations are usually fine with moms taking a pit-stop to feed their child...

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But now that we're living through a global pandemic, things are now a little bit different, and one mom recently learned this the hard way.

A young mom named Jaime opened up about a pretty rough experience this week.

The mom, who is twenty-two, was out doing her Christmas shopping in Grimsby, U.K, with her 7-month-old daughter Khaleesi-May when her daughter needed feeding.

It didn't help that it was raining while the young mom was trying to do her shopping and look after her child...

Speaking to local media, Jaime explained: "My daughter got hungry as I was doing my Christmas shopping, and I knew the only place in town that might let me sit out of the rain to feed her was Starbucks."

Jaime had been in that particular Starbucks restaurant before and they'd always been happy to let her feed her daughter.

"They had been more than happy to let me before, and I had previously sat in the corner with my mask on for fifteen minutes while she had a bottle."

Jaime, of course, was aware of the COVID restrictions put in place and she'd always happily abided by them.

But when she went into the Starbucks on Tuesday to feed Khaleesi-May, something happened that she didn't expect at all... And nor did the internet!

Opinion has certainly been divided over the way in which the Starbucks employees approached Jaime as she was feeding her daughter...

So, Jaime went on to explain what happened when she took her seat in Starbucks.

"Staff told me it was fine when I went in on Tuesday, but a few minutes later a manager came over and told me I would have to leave," she said. "He said that they were only allowed to have 3 customers in at once and no one could sit down, even though I was at the opposite end of the shop to anyone else."

"He said they could get a £1,000 ($1,300) fine if they didn't make me leave."

"There was nowhere else in town to go. I tried the Foundry, but all of the benches have been taped off. In the end, I just sat on the floor [to feed her] and felt so sorry for Khaleesi-May. What else was I supposed to do?"

Jaime feels it was totally unreasonable that she wasn't allowed to sit in anywhere to feed her child.

"I understand there are rules to stop COVID, but what about the human rights of mothers and children? I feel awful for anyone else this has happened to. I don't want to stop going out and about, but I'm not sure what my options are when my daughter gets hungry."

A spokesperson for Starbucks said that employees at the coffee shop had been working hard to create a warm and welcoming environment throughout the pandemic.

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They said that staff had informed Jaime she wouldn't be able to feed in the shop in the future, rather asking her to leave then.

Do you think it was wrong of Starbucks to not allow Jaime to sit in and feed her baby?

Or do you think the young mom should have planned her day around her child's feeding schedule and been more prepared? For more, read on to find out about the mom who has been dubbed as "selfish" for telling her 2-year-old that Santa Claus isn't real...