Mom Furious After Ordering Cake That Ended Up ‘Ruining Son’s 16th Birthday Party’

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You just can’t have a birthday without cake. And when you go to the effort of ordering a customized cake for someone’s special day, you expect it to be perfect.

But one mother and her son were left utterly distressed after they caught a glimpse of their customized cake.

The best-laid plans, ya know? Although, I do have to wonder whether these plans really were “best-laid.” Were they planning for the cake to just say “BIRTH”?

I like to imagine the cake decorator understood exactly what was being requested of them and decided to just do this anyway. Seems like the most appropriate way to ring in your thirtieth year.

This cake decorator, on the other hand, was probably very confused. Steve’s a good name, though. If I had to be surprised with a new name, I might also choose Steve.

This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to share with everyone how thankful you are that you live in a world in which someone could try to make a turkey out of frosting and fail this bad.

To be fair, Chip has really seen some stuff throughout his life. I mean, he was literally transformed from a young boy into a broken teacup. If you ask me, the look of horror seen here is much more accurate than anything in the movie.

So close, and yet so far. Actually, scratch that. This is just “so far.”

This cake actually showed some real promise before someone decided to write the word “Congratulations” on it. There’s probably some kind of lesson there.

If I were the baby on the receiving end of this cake, I think I would immediately try to leave the welcome party and go back to wherever I came from.

I would like to meet the person responsible for this masterpiece and shake their hand. That’s a level of “I literally couldn’t care less” that I would love to achieve someday.

First, you want sprinkles, next thing you know you want a job that pays a living wage, then you think you’re entitled to an economy that wasn’t decimated by the generations before you. Geez. Millennials, amiright?

Sure, this is a harsh message to receive. But at least there’s cake to soften the blow.

Sure, this is silly. That being said, if my school had given me the option of wearing a cat on my head instead of a cap, I absolutely would have taken them up on that.

There’s no beating around the bush with this one. You got older. You get a cake for doing so. Let’s all move on.

Remember when I said cake was the perfect snack for a doctor’s appointment? I guess this is what I meant.

The newest iPhone has so many amazing new features. Apparently, it can even send you cake!

If you ever donate your kidney, you should insist on getting a cake exactly like this one. It’s only fair.

Everybody always makes such a big deal about wedding cakes, by why aren’t there more divorce cakes in the world? I sense a business opportunity.

Either this was a “Happy Father’s Day!” cake, or someone is trying to send you a very specific message and chose cake as their method of communication. I wouldn’t worry about it until after you’ve finished your dessert, though.

Now that we have technology that allows us to put pretty much anything on a cake, it’d be irresponsible of humanity as a whole if someone didn’t use it to do something like this.

This cake was made for a Google employee who was leaving to join the Bing team. Does Bing have cakes, Travis?! Probably not. So much for “feeling lucky.”

Something tells me the person who ended up with that monstrosity on the right had no problem with “Letting It Go.” …Straight into the garbage can. (Aw, who am I kidding? Cake is cake.)

Well, Internet, you’ve done it. You’ve found the one cake that I will not — cannot — bring myself to eat.

In this version of The Little Mermaid, Ursula doesn’t just steal Ariel’s voice. She steals pretty much everything.  

Chasity Tilman decided she was going to order a customized cake for her son’s 16th birthday. Little did she know, she was in for a big surprise…

This Gizmo replica. Pretty standard for an expert baker.

I’d be pretty bummed if that’s the cake I ended up with on my 16th birthday too. Refund, please! Keep scrolling to check out what food item has now become a trendy cake ingredient…