Mom Furious as Elderly Man Pinches Her One-Year-Old Daughter’s Cheek in Cafe

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When it comes to our children, we can be very protective, but how protective is too protective? That is the question one mom is asking…

A mom has revealed that she was left feeling furious after an elderly man pinched her daughter’s cheek while in a cafe.

She questioned how others would feel in that situation and it’s safe to say the internet is divided…

As per the Mirror, the mom took to Mumsnet explain her experience.

She explained that she was in a cafe with her 2 children when the incident happened.

As she was cutting up food for her 1-year-old daughter, “an elderly man suddenly appeared at the side of her pram.”

“He picked up a toy that I wasn’t aware she had dropped and then reached out and stroked and pinched her cheek,” she wrote. “He reached out so fast that I had no time to react to stop him. I have a real dislike of people touching strangers’ babies.”

“When my son was a baby I was stopped on a zebra crossing by a woman demanding to see him in his sling, and a woman in a cafe asked me if she could hold him.”

“I said no and she very loudly badmouthed me to her friends at the next table – which I just thought was bonkers. Who lets a total stranger in a cafe just hold their child?”

She went on the explain that she then approached the man and told him she was upset that he’d touched her baby’s face.

“For context, today was the first day we’ve been to an indoor cafe since I was in the early stages of pregnancy with my daughter,” she said. “I was polite but made my upset known and he apologized.”

The woman finished her post by asking if it is “a generational thing.”

 “I would never touch a baby without asking the parent/cater for permission. Curious to know your thoughts on this. I don’t think I was unreasonable telling this man he was in the wrong.”

What do you think? Would you be upset if someone pinched your baby’s cheeks?