Mom Furious as She’s Not Able To Buy Gender X Plane Ticket for Non-Binary Child

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A mom has been left furious as she was unable to buy a gender x plane ticket for her non-binary child.

Dawn Henry, a mom from Arizona, has had it out with Delta Airlines, a company that only offer male and female passenger tickets.

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And this comes as her twenty-one-year-old child identifies as non-binary.
Now, over the years, the number of people coming out as non-binary has risen significantly, this is including many famous faces, as well.

Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, Destiny, Demi Levato, Eliot Page, and many more, have come out as non-binary during recent times, meaning that they are neither referred to as male nor female.

People and many companies have gotten on board with the idea, aswell, making non-binary people feel more comfortable by providing them with non-binary options when ticking their gender on forms.

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However, Delta Airlines doesn’t offer this service, leaving the choice of a plane ticket to be for either a man or a woman.

And this infuriated Dawn Henry, a fifty-one-year-old parent who wanted to surprise her child with a ticket for a holiday trip.

As per the Mirror, the mom took to the Twitter platform to vent her frustration with the airline…

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And this is what she said: “@Delta is discriminating against #nonbinary individuals and not allowing them to fly despite legal ID issued by states that allow X on birth certificates and state-issued IDs.”

And the customer service rep she spoke to about the issue tried to help but was unsuccessful.

“I explained what TSA had told me about the #nonbinary designation but after over 30 minutes on hold, she told me ‘they’ said it doesn’t matter what the ID says, use what’s on the birth certificate. I explained that the birth certificate also says X. I was put on hold again.

“After some time on hold, a @Delta supervisor in Atlanta came on the line and told me that their system only uses male/female and I can only use one of those.

“I explained again that my adult child is #nonbinary and #LGBTQ and their ID is X and TSA requires them to match.

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“The @Delta supervisor got short with me and said, sorry, that’s the policy,” she continued.

And because of this, Dawn Henry’s final tweet read: “Gender identity is protected under the Civil Rights Act. How is @Delta’s disparate treatment in refusing to issue a ticket with the correct TSA-required legal #nonbinary gender marker legal?”

Quite a few people agreed with the angry momma.

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But some others just didn’t understand.

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Either way, a spokesperson at the airline spoke out on the matter saying that a non-binary option will be introduced this year.

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“Delta Air Lines is a proud, long-time supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and we understand that being seen and acknowledged is part of having an equitable travel experience,” they said.

“While we quickly shifted focus due to COVID in early 2020 to helping customers navigate the rapidly changing environment and government regulations, we are back on track to be able to offer a non-binary gender option in our booking systems in 2022,” they finished.

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