Mom Gives Birth to Baby Weighing 14lbs, Says It Took 2 Nurses To Deliver Him

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A woman in the United Kingdom has given birth to a baby boy nicknamed “Baby Hippo,” which nurses say is the biggest newborn they’ve ever seen…

Thirty-one-year-old Cherral Mitchell gave birth to her son, Alpha, on Thursday…

But was in for quite a shock when doctors delivered a whopping 14lb 15oz baby, making him the third heaviest newborn ever to be delivered in the entire country.

“My stomach was big but not that massive so I don’t know where he was hiding,” Cherral said, adding: “I keep saying I gave birth to a baby butter bean. My uncle Jason calls him a baby hippo.”

However, that wan’t the only startling thing about Alpha’s arrival…

Cherral had the contraceptive coil implanted not long before she discovered she was pregnant, making the news quite a surprise for her and her husband Tyson.

Alpha was born at thirty-eight weeks, but easily fits into clothes designed for 3-6 months…

Doctors believe his dramatic weight gain was due to Cherral being “diagnosed quite late with gestational diabetes, Alpha was in amniotic fluid that was sweeter.”

“So he was drinking a lot and peeing a lot and getting a high intake of sugar,” Cherral said, as per the Metro.

The mom has 3 other children aged between 4 and 10 months, who she insists “were all normal.”

According to the mom of 4, it took 2 nurses to deliver Alpha. “There were 2 nurses pulling – one was trying to push him down to get him out. The nurses said it had to be the biggest baby and were on their phones Googling.

“He’s a bit of a pumpkin baby with it being so close to Halloween,” she said.

While Alpha is huge, the UK’s largest baby on record is Guy Carr, born back in 1992, weighing in at 15lb 8oz. Close second is George King, born in 2013, weighing 15lb 7oz.

Due to his large size, neonatal nurses are looking after Alpha in the NICU, but he is apparently “on the mend” and is expected to come home “in a few days,” Cherral later shared on Facebook.

We wish not-so-little Alpha and his family all the best!