Mom Gives Birth to Son Moments Before Husband’s Death

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One mom had to go through the impossible after welcoming her baby on the same day she lost her husband.


Haley Parke and her late husband, Jb, had been told the tragic news back in January this year that he had cancer, just months after finding out Haley was pregnant…

The pair were prepared for the worst but doctors predicted Jb would live long enough to see his son. However, 2 weeks ago, they were given the tragic news that the 6-month prognosis he had been given had drastically reduced to just a few days, resulting in Haley opting for an early pregnancy.


“The doctor told us cancer had spread to his lymph nodes. His lungs were filled with fluid,” Haley told TODAY.

Haley was given the go-ahead from doctors and was induced 3-weeks before her due date, but as she went into labor, Jb was given just hours to live.


After learning that her husband’s health was declining fast, she was told “It was either a c-section right at that moment, or Jb would not have the opportunity to meet our son,” she wrote in a now viral Facebook post explaining the ordeal…

She continued: “in just a short 20 minutes later, our son was born. He was given to me for a quick kiss, and then a team of doctors and nurses ran him up 2 floors, and he was placed on his daddy’s chest.”


Despite the hopelessness Haley felt in that moment, she got comfort knowing that as soon as their baby was placed on his chest “Jb’s vitals all instantly improved. He was also acknowledging our son was there by making small head movements and sweet moans.”

After she was stitched up, Haley was taken to her husband’s room where she spent the rest of her recovery “gazing at him in sadness, but in awe of his strength.”

She later revealed that Jb “took his last breaths with our son on his chest and my hand in his hand.”


Despite not choosing a name for their baby before Jb passed, Haley knew exactly what to call him…

John Beeson Parke, or baby Jb for short.

She wrote in her post, which has been shared over 44,000 times: “Delivering a baby 3 weeks early can come with a slew of complications that can require NICU time and breathing support. God prepared our son for this very moment because he came out weighing 7lbs 4oz at 20in long, with fully developed lungs that let out the sweetest of cries.”

Our hearts go out to Haley during this difficult time.