Mom Gives Birth To Twins Two Days Apart After Her Labor ‘Stopped’

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A mom was in labor with her twin boys when they ended up being born 2 days apart because her labor “stopped.”

This is not just an unbelievable story, but this is also a miracle…

Being a twin is truly a wonderful thing…

And I’m not just writing that because I have a twin myself! As any person who has a twin can agree, an intense bond is formed from birth and it will last a lifetime.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), only approximately one in 250 pregnancies results in twins.

And this is thanks to fertility treatments, IVF, and women choosing to have children at a later age.

Because sharing a womb for 9 months is a pretty big deal.

But what about those sets of twins who are born within a few minutes of each other… but on a different day?

So the twin who was born at 11.58 pm will still share the same birthday as their sibling who arrived at 00.03 am the next day.

Well, as unusual as this may be, this was a reality for a British mom whose twin boys were born 2 days apart from each other.

And back in 2019, she welcomed her 2 beautiful twin boys into the world – Dylan and Oscar.

Her waters broke on January 10th at just twenty-four weeks, and although this is a common occurrence for moms carrying twins, this shocked Joanne and it brought on a lot of worry and anxiety.

“I had a lovely pregnancy and I was enjoying every second as everything was running smoothly with no cravings and barely any sickness,” Joanne explained in an interview. “I had a scan a week before my waters broke and everything was fine so I was very confused and panicked when my waters had broke at twenty-four weeks and 5 days.”

And just a few hours later, she was in labor.

But the poor little boy had to be resuscitated by doctors for almost thirty minutes. “We almost lost him which was very traumatic. It was so strange as I was focusing on him but also bracing myself to push again but hours passed and nothing happened,” Joanne recalled.

“Time passed but nothing happened and the doctor said I have to stay on strict bed rest to try and keep the other baby in for as long as possible,” the mom said. “I was shocked as I didn’t know that was possible. In a way, I just wanted Oscar to come too as it felt weird having one but not the other.”

And it took 2 days for little Oscar to finally arrive, weighing just 2lb.

They were both kept apart and were living on ventilators. Joanne wasn’t even able to hold her sons until they were 2 weeks old, and described them as “delicate and poorly.”

And they didn’t share a cot until they were 3 months old – which is a very long time for twins to be kept apart.

Nineteen months on, the boys are inseparable and they are doing better than ever.

They are acting as twins should be acting.

“I had nothing to worry about in terms of their bond as they are very much aware that they are twins – they can’t settle without one another,” Joanne explained.

“If one leaves the room, then the other will cry. They also love to annoy one another.”

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