Mom Goes Viral for Sharing How Her Family Live ‘Unblended’ in Separate Suites in the Same House

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We’ve all watched the movie Blended, right? Featuring the brilliant Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, detailing how 2 adults, with separate families, become 1.


Well now, the way this family do it is a little bit different, and something we’ve never seen before…

A woman called Shelley Hunt, thirty-eight shared how her family became 1 unit, or rather 2 units, on the TikTok platform.


Living in Penticton, Canada, Shelley explains in the video that her partner Peter lives in the same home as her, but in a different suite.

“My partner and I have 5 kids between us, so we own a home that has 2 suites, we live separately together. Blended-unblended,” she begins in the video.

Showing off a gorgeous picture of the whole family together, she says: “This is our adorable family, and this is where my partner lives with his 3 children, and this suite is where I live with mine,” taking viewers around 2 separate living arrangements in the same home.


It might seem unusual for some, but it works well for them and their children.

And to be honest, we think it’s actually quite cool.

“I’d love to find other families who live like this. I think it’s amazing, and I’d also love to hear if you have any opinions,” she said at the end of the video.

Talking to BuzzFeed, the momma also said that when they both met, she’d been through a house fire and a divorce.


“I had been through a house fire and a divorce and many subsequent moves/transitions, and I was hoping to settle with my kids long-term. We were very new in our relationship, so living together with five kids didn’t seem wise, for us or them,” she began.

And discussing how they handle costs, she said they do everything separately.

They both have shared custody of all the children, but when they’re not there, Peter sleeps in Shelley’s room, and they use his living space because it’s “cooler.”

And even though they live separately, they still do holidays, dinner a couple of nights a week, and other outings, together.


Peter, her partner also said that: “There aren’t expectations to do things,” in another video.

“I know my responsibilities, Shelley knows her responsibilities. It really allows for very little room for resentment, and then when you do things for each other and with each other, you really appreciate it.

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