Mom Handfeeds Son During 48-Hour Gaming Binge

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In our lives there are certain hobbies that can sometimes overtake, and eventually control, our entire lives. From stamp-collecting to film watching, sometimes an interest can become so much more, eventually blooming into an obsession that you can never truly shake off. One of the more prominent of these hobbies is arguably video games, which, through popularity alone, has formed a whole community of people who refer to themselves as ‘Gamers’. Now, playing a video game can earn you thousands, with many online gamers using platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to stream their gaming experience. But again, a hobby can quickly turn into an obsession and such was the case when this gamer, decided it was time for 48-hour binge.

Video Games are pretty cool.

Through the video game medium, you can transform yourself into a super-hero, an assassin or a ninja. Living out a fantasy that only exists within your own imagination.

And there are so many to choose from.

Video games also come in various forms, there are racing games, shooting games and survival games. Just to name a small selection.

And there is a whole community who love to play!

As the decades have passed, video gamers have formed their own community.

You can even get paid to play them.

Yes, there are even gamers in the world who are paid to do the very thing they love.

But as we have seen, not all people should be gamers.

As we have seen, from various YouTube compilations, some people should never be allowed to play such games.

Because it can lead to some tantrums.

As is evidenced in this video (warning: there’s a lot of  loud screaming)

Just shows how obsessed some people can get.

But sometimes the obsession is a little more quiet.

As was the case with this young gamer.

via 9gag

Meet Carlito Marvel, who at 13-years old is addicted to the game Rules of Survival

Which he plays at his local internet café.

Carlito hails from The Philippines, where he can often be found playing his favourite game at his local internet café – which he has been visiting for two years.

And his mother isn’t happy.

Carlito’s mother, Lilybeth, has not always supported her son’s love of games.

She even tried to stop him.

Due to her son’s addiction, Lilybeth thought it would be best to take her son out of school.

And no longer allow him gaming rights.

She also took away any games he could play, but he always found a way to escape.

And it seems that his mother has given up.

These days, Lilybeth does not spend her time trying to stop the games, instead she ensures that they do not affect her son’s health and well-being.

She even hand feeds him!

Recently, Carlito spent a whopping 48-hours playing his favourite game. And mommy dearest made sure he was well fed.

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

In the infamous video, Lilybeth walks to the local internet café with a plate of homemade food for her son. She then hand feeds him, while he continues to play.

Some would say goals.

To some this may sound like perfection, but Lilybeth does not find it fun at all.

And she does it for her son’s well-being.

As she often worries that gaming binges could lead to him starving himself.

She even tries to give him vitamins!

It seems that Carlito’s Grandmother also worries about his health, as she sends her grandson vitamins to take.

But I don’t think he does!

But it looks like those vitamins are often forgotten when the computer gets turned on.

But Lilybeth thinks her tactic will help.

After trying force to stop her son’s addiction, it seems Lilybeth is now using the reverse psychology method.

Now she supports her son in any way she can.

She wants him to know that she loves him no matter what.

But one thing is clear.

That Carlito is most definitely a gaming addict!

Which truly is a serious addiction.

Although it may sound like nothing, gaming addiction really is  a unhealthy lifestyle choice.

As many gaming addicts have discussed.

Such as this previous gamer: “When I got home on a Friday night, I would sit at the computer and I wouldn’t leave until Sunday night. I would use amphetamines to stay awake and just game continuously, and I would only leave the computer to go to the toilet. It just consumed my life.”

Gaming can actually destroy your life.

Gaming addiction can lead to you isolating your loved ones. To the point where they no longer want anything to do with you.

Perhaps this is something Carlito should consider.

Because maybe there’ll come a day when his mother no longer wants to hand feed him.

Just goes to show…

How dangerous gaming addiction can truly be.

But what does it mean?

Why do people get addicted to gaming? Maybe it’s the fantasy and the escape? Who knows?

But it should be taken more seriously.

Already there is a 13 year-old in the world who spends his every waking hour playing video games.

So who knows what could happen next.

Guess we could just blame Donkey Kong.