A TikToker has admitted she hates being a mom and people are amazed by her refreshingly candid thoughts on parenting.

TikToker Amyoverthinks replied to a question that asked parents if they've ever regretted having kids...


To which she responded it's "complicated."

She made a video with her own thoughts on the question...


Queue the internet mom shamers in 3... 2... ##amyhumor

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"So a while back there was someone on here who asked parents if they regretted becoming parents. The video has since been deleted but I'm just going to answer it for fun anyway."

"My answer to whether or not I regret being a parent is... complicated."

Amy tried to explain her opinion to those who don't have children in their lives...


"If I knew how hard parenting would be, how little time I would have for myself and how stressful it was BUT I didn't know who my children would be, f*** no, I would NEVER choose to parent," she said.

"But, given the same situation, but I knew my son, I knew my daughter, I knew who I was going to get and it was them? S*** I'd choose them every time. They're the f***ing coolest."


Amy continued: "Parenting is the f***ing worst. I'm attached to my children, I am not attached to parenting.

"It is my least favorite job I've ever had, but I love having those little f***ers in my life."

One commenter agreed, writing, "I saw a therapist who said we need to normalize loving your children while hating parenting, and I was like yessss, I am here for this!!!"


"This honesty is heart-warming," another added, "We all need to be more honest about the hard stuff. It's okay that things are hard!"

What do you think about this honest perspective?