A mom was forced to silence her daughters' fiancé after he began to list all of her "flaws" during a speech at her very own funeral.

He began to talk about the young woman's battle with depression and how it intensified her flaws, which is when the mom had no choice but to step in and silence him.

Court clerk Ashleigh Petrie died last October last year at the age of twenty-three when she was hit by a car in her native Australia. She was engaged to Victorian magistrate Rod Higgins, sixty-eight.

He began the funeral by celebrating her "zest for life" and calling her "externally as attractive as a woman could possibly be," according to The Daily Mail Australia.

He said it was "the saddest time in his life" as he spoke in front of Petrie's family and friends.

However, Higgins then went on to discuss Petrie's depression and said she was on medication for chemical imbalances in her brain.


When he claimed her mental health struggle had worsened her "shortcomings", Petrie's mother, Theresa, finally brought his speech to an end.

"I think that's enough," she snapped at Higgins, who sat back down almost immediately.

The publication also reported Higgins had fought hard for and received just under the equivalent of £100,000 in a super and life insurance payout from Petrie's death after the car crash.

Despite earning the equivalent of $241,524 a year, he reportedly started asking to collect her life insurance less than twenty-four hours after she died, which undoubtedly seems a little insensitive.

Petrie had actually left her life insurance to her mom, as well as her entire savings, but Higgings argued that he should have her super payout after her death...

Even more insensitively, shortly after his "beloved" fiancé passed away, Higgins then resumed his relationship with his ex-partner

Petrie's former partner, Stuart Gowty, fifty, told the publication: "Here's a guy earning a hell of a lot of money and is about to retire on a huge pension. And you've got a grieving mother with very little. I don't know what to say. I don't think it's the right thing. It's horrendous to see. It just keeps going. I know her mother very well and she's a grieving mother. I've maintained a close relationship with the mother and brother since."

Once the story went viral online, people were quick to share their comments of disgust.

"That poor young woman & her grieving family. I don't like the sound of this. He seems to be far too worried about money from what I'm reading. Then he went straight back with his ex?? I hope the authorities do an investigation into all this," one person said.

"That's not at all appropriate, and he sounds like a thoroughly nasty person. I'd be very suspicious of everything that's gone on," another posted online.

We hope the Petrie family is coping well following this horrendous loss.