A woman in England was left embarrassed after being told by the driver to stop breastfeeding her child.

Holly Chapman, 28, from Wiltshire was left enraged and embarrassed...

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She was feeding her 19-week-old daughter, Raiya, when she was asked to either stop, or leave the bus by the driver.

Now, breastfeeding is one of the most natural things that we parents can do for our children...

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As it provides them with the nutrients and vitamins that they so desperately need in their early years.

Scientifically, children only need to be breastfed in their first 2 years...

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for about 6 months and continued breastfeeding for 1 year or longer.

Women have become more and more open about breastfeeding over the last few years...

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And no longer is it as stigmatized as it was a few decades ago when women were literally shamed for breastfeeding their child in public.

Totally shocking, we know...

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But thankfully today in 2021, breastfeeding is now embraced and celebrated rather than shunted.

It is one of the most intimate acts between a mother and her child...


And it is also a beautiful bonding process.

However, there is still a divide surrounding the subject...

Some people don't feel like it is something a woman should do in public, but should remain private. Moms everywhere disagree, saying if the baby is hungry, they're going to feed them...

Well, a mom in England has claimed she was kicked off a bus after she refused to stop breastfeeding her daughter.

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Holly Chapman said she was forced to feed her baby by the side of the road while waiting for another bus.

"My daughter Raiya was crying when we got on the bus so I started to feed her," said Holly.

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"The driver told me I couldn't do it. I explained she was crying because she was hungry and he said if I was going to carry on then I needed to get off the bus."

"It was such a horrible experience. I was so shocked and didn't know what to say."

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At first, she was too embarrassed to mention the incident to her family, however a couple days later she confided in her sister, and decided to make a formal complaint.

"She was absolutely furious when I told her what had happened on the bus and she encouraged me to make a formal complaint."

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Holly, who is a maternity assistant, added: "I help new moms and I am upset with myself that I didn't stand up for myself, but I felt so choked up and humiliated in front of everyone on the bus."

Mom-of-two Holly has since received an apology from Swindon's Bus Company but wants to share her experience in a bid to raise awareness that a mother can, by law, breastfeed her child in public.

"Breastfeeding in public is ok and you are protected by law to feed your baby whenever they need to be fed. I have had strangers say it's disgusting before but I've never been thrown off a bus."

Holly's fiance Damien has supported her through the whole process.

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"It is clear that breastfeeding is still not seen as natural and that has to change," he said.

"I am angry that Holly has been treated this way for tending to our hungry daughter."

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Alex Chutter, general manager for Swindon's bus Company said: "I am very sorry to learn of this customer's experience. Our drivers are highly trained in customer service, and I would like to reassure those who travel with us that incidents like this are extremely rare and completely unacceptable."

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