A mom has gone viral online after accidentally ordering a "rude" plate for her toddler and now the whole internet can't stop laughing...

One mom has been left feeling pretty mortified over her latest purchase for her kid.

Maggy Van Eijk purchased a Peppa Pig plate for her toddler, but was surprised by what she saw when she took it out of the packaging.

Now, let's be honest, we've all had one of those facepalm moments...

But this is definitely one of the most mortifying mistakes we've heard of.

Peppa Pig is a popular choice for kids toys.

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The cartoon character is a fan-favorite choice for kids across the globe.

The crockery in question features the popular kids character at its center, along with a stack of cupcakes.

Which, of course, hardly sounds eyebrow-raising.

But upon closer inspection...

Something very "rude" caught Maggy's attention.

The mom took to Twitter to share a snap of the plate.

And it seems fellow parents couldn't contain their laughter.

In fact...

Reactions to the "rude" plate came pouring in.

So, what exactly was so bad about the plate?

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Well, after the plate arrived, Maggy realized sheโ€™d purchased a French version of the dinnerware.

So instead of saying โ€œoink" around the outside like it would in English...

It actually says the word โ€œgroin"- which means snout in French. Children there use it to describe the sound a pig makes but, of course, it has a very different meaning in English.


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