Mom Left Furious at Kindergarten After Finding Out They Let Son Watch Cartoons

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“Everyone parents differently.”

We hear it all the time, but it’s true, everyone does parent differently, and generally speaking there’s no right or wrong way to raise your children. If it works for you, it just works. But, respecting the way someone parents, regardless of your opinions is important.

And that’s why this mom was left furious after finding out a kindergarten had been letting her son watch cartoons despite her telling them not to…

We all have our own vision when it comes to raising children…

And that’s to be expected, whether it’s wanting your child to start eating solid foods earlier, eating no processed foods, or even restricting television, most parents just want the best for their children.

So, when a mom sets certain boundaries, you would assume they’re to be respected, right?

Well, his mom was left feeling angry when she found out that the kindergarten she sent both her children to, allows children to watch cartoons.

The mom was so angry that she took to Mumsnet where she asked if she was being a little unreasonable by not wanting her children to be glued to a television at kindergarten because after all, the place is meant to be a primary source of educational development for a child, helping with social skills, structure, and communication skills.

But you can’t do all that by watching television, can you?

And with the amount of money it was costing the full-time night shift worker, around $1600 dollars a month, it’s only fair that she gets what she’s paying for.

So, on the website, the furious mom explained that she loved the nursery, and so did her children, and had no other complaints, “however,” she started, “tonight when I picked him up he was sat with 5 other kids watching cartoons on a large computer monitor, this is the third night in as many weeks that this has been the case,” she continued.

And although the mom doesn’t ban television completely, she does try to be a little “stricter” with it.

So, of course, people helped her out with their responses.

“Our [kindergarten] sometimes does this for the last few kids (my 4-year-old is often 1 of the last 1’s to be picked up). I have no issue with it. Winds them down after a really busy day while the staff gets a start on cleaning up,” one mom wrote.
And another added: “I think you are not being unreasonable. I like that my child is having screen-free time when at [kindergarten].”

And a lot of other people said that their kindergarten does the same, especially if their child is 1 of the last to be picked up!

But, even if it’s just a 1 off in the evenings while the kids wait for their parents…

So what do you think? Is this mom taking it all a bit too seriously?